Hunt and Gather: Curation Tools for Organizing Research and Ideas

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  1. 1. Hunt & Gather:Curation Tools for OrganizingResearch and IdeasKate Caruso, Monica Fuglei, Sherry Jones,Christ ina McKellips, Lindsay Roberts
  2. 2. Session ScheduleIntro to content curation tools - Lindsay RobertsCuration tools for faculty- Monica FugleiStorify - Kate CarusoSymbaloo Chris McKellipsMind-mapping tools - Sherry JonesPanel Q&A or hands-on time
  3. 3. Why should we care?Mindful consumption of informationis at the heart of content curation practice. Theact of content curation can actually reduce ourinformation overload.--Beth Kanter
  4. 4. A definitionContent curation offers students and scholars the ability tostrategically filter and pull content from many sources, thenorganize and arrange the content in meaningful ways.
  5. 5. BenefitsReduce information overloadCompare, sort, and arrange ideas and news sourcesAccess from any device, anywhereBegin to analyze and think critically about different sources andperspectivesAnnotate and synthesize material
  6. 6. Best of Both WorldsAGGREGATION & FILTERING(MACHINE)Bookmarking sites(Diigo, Delicious, etc)DashboardsRSS ReadersFlipboardCURATION (HUMAN)StorifySymbalooPinterestZotero orMendeleyPadlet
  7. 7. For more information:Herther, Nancy K. "Content Curation Tools." Searcher 20.8 (2012): 26-35. Academic SearchPremier. Web. 24 Nov. 2014.