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2. Ice lighted by sun on freezed water 3. Son, one year old FatherHave they changed their mom ? 4. Climbing! But its missing one paw!!October, preparing their home for winter! 5. Religious Mantide 6. Braies Lake (Sud Tyrol) 7. Please, I am waiting for a coffee! 8. Do you like my exposure for a photo? 9. Tired or sleeping? 10. Eva and Adamo it look as an owl ? Does 11. My morning breakfast! 12. Milan cathedralThe most high spire on the Milan cathedral Madonnina Milan gallery during Christmas time 13. the wasp love my husband car!! The cow and . 14. Sassolungo - Val Gardena (Sud Tyrol) 15. COMME JE VOUDRAIS TRE AS I WOULD LIKE TO BE AMAGICIEN MAGICIANComme jaimerais tre magicien dun jour etAs I would like to be a day magician andpour toujoursfor everPour faire partager au monde entier desTo share in the whole world my momentsmoments dmotions of feelingsPour que personne sur cette terre ne vive de So that nobody on this earth lives solitudesolitude et dinquitude and anxietyPour que personne ne souffre, ne vive de So that nobody suffers, lives despair whichdsespoir qui gche leur vie wastes their lifePour que tous les instants soient bonheur, So that all the moments are happiness,sagesse et tendresse wisdom and tendernessPour que personne dans leur vieillesse neSo that nobody in their old age realizes theralise les injustices injusticesPour que la tristesse ne vive jamais dans le So that the sadness never lives in the heartcoeur du monde entierof the whole worldMais, il a une certitude tous doivent vivreBut, there is a certainty all have to live topour vivre chaque instantlive every momentComme je voudrais tre magicien dun jourAs I would like to be a day magician andet pour toujours for ever @ copyright Thmahttp://www.frizou.org/livre-internautes/free translation by Charlottehttp://www.frizou.org/ 16. Music: I am alive Celine Dion