Imagine & Dream Big About Your Library (with a little help from the Phoenix)

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The Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes, can help us to envision and plan for the future. Libraries are seeing tough times these days. What can they be reborn as? Let the idea of the Phoenix spur your thinking about what libraries can become.From a session at CIL 12 in DC, co-presented with Rebecca Jones.

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  • 1.Computers in Libraries, March 2012~Kathy DempseyOwner of Libraries Are Essential Editor of Marketing Library

2. Wikipedia 3. What willlibraries be in the future? 4. CherryHill, NJPL 5. Mt.Laurel,NJ PL 6. Train stationvending machine inRotterdam, Netherlands 7. Espresso Book Machine,Brooklyn PL 8. Phone Booth libraries, NY City 9. Civil discourseor borrow an expert? 10. Tank-turned-mobile-library inBuenos Aires, 11. Like the passing of distinguishedKodaks long fade individuals, theto black passing of greatBy Michael Hiltzik corporationsDec. 4, 2011 should prompt us to ponder the ec/04/business/la-fi-hiltzik- transience of 20111204 earthly glory. 12. 13. David Lankes: 14. NW: Youve talked about Kindle being thisexample of working backward from the customer.Can you explain that?JB: There are two ways that companies canextend what theyre doing. One is they can takean inventory of their skills and competencies, andthen they can say, OK, with this set of skills andcompetencies, what else can we do?And thats a very useful technique that allcompanies should use. But theres a secondmethod, which takes longer-term orientation. It isto say, rather than ask what are we good at andwhat else can we do with that skill, you ask, whoare our customers? What do they need? Andthen you say were going to give that to themfrom Newsweek, Dec 28, 2009 - Jan 4, 2010 regardless of whether we currently have the skillsJeff Bezos, founded Amazon in 1994to do so, and we will learn those skills no matterhow long it takes. 15. Theres a tendency, I think, for executives tothink that the right course of action is to stickto the knittingstick with what youre goodat. That may be a generally good rule, butthe problem is the world changes out fromunder you if youre not constantly adding toyour skill set. Jeff Bezos, Dec. 2009 16. It is not the strongest of thespecies that survives, nor themost intelligent that survives.It is the one that ismost adaptable to change.Charles Darwin 17. ShanachieTour video,filmed at CIL 2009 inadvance of the Spring2009 UGame ULearnconference in theNetherlands. Here,the idea of the LibraryPhoenix was born. 18. Reports from organizations like ICMA Blogs, listservs, LinkedIn, Facebook Industry magazines, newsletters Conferences TED Talks Harvard Business Review Outside businesses and leaders Library TV shows 19. 20. This WeekIn Libraries,episode 39, Aug. 12, 11 21. 22. 23. BeProactive! 24. Bye Bye,Britannica! 25. GetYourPhoenixOn!