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The Institute was created in 1988 by the Research Committee on the Sociology of Law and the Government of the Basque Country. From the outset, the Institute created international collaborative relations between sociology of law scholars by providing facilities for seminars, workshops, visiting scholars and library research. The Institute has now grown into an important base for the international network of scholars who work on law and social science issues. The Institute is located in a Spanish Renaissance building completed in 1543 as a university law school and donated by the provincial government of Gipuzkoa.We offer an International Masters programme on Sociology of Law, which is unique in that teachers are drawn from leading international scholars who travel to the Institute rather than having permanent teaching staff. This means that students to the highest standard of scholarship in sociology of law. To date, our students have come from 55 different coun ...tries. Workshops and publications: A workshop programme runs from April to July. Workshop applicants are competitive, with each event bringing together leading international scholars, upcoming researchers, practitioners, and activists for intensive discussions. Papers from the workshops are usually published either in the Oñati International Series in Law and Society (Hart) or on the Online Oñati Socio-Legal Series. The Institute also hosts an online journal: Sortuz, Oñati Journal of Emergent Sociolegal Studies.Library: Our socio-legal library, one of the most extensive in Europe, contains major collections in English and Spanish and significant materials in French, German and Italian.Grants and visiting schemes: The Institute welcomes visitors at every level, from doctoral and post-doctoral to experienced researchers, and offers residence scholarships especially for doctoral students. Visitors, teachers and students are provided with accommodation in an 18th century residence, Palacio Antía, made available by the town of Oñati.

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  • 1. The Oati International Institutefor the Sociology of Law (IISL) Presentation

2. The Oati International Institutefor the Sociology of Law (IISL) Oati:medieval town in theheart of the Basque Country,Euskadi. Bilbao 65km (nearestinternational airport)San Sebastian 75 kmVitoria 45 km.Zumarraga 20 km (trains) The Oati Institute is in theSancti Spiritus University(1540) the first BasqueUniversity 3. Sancti Spiritus University IISL Founders: RCSL Basque Government (funding) Board biannual meetings Scientific Director 2 years) Administrative Director 8 other Staff Law and Society Library 3 meeting rooms Aula Magna 3 offices for visitors Computer room The Residence 4. Residence: Antia Palace 18th Century neoclassical 22 en suite double rooms 243/273 (shared) 409 (single)/month Shared kitchen, common rooms, computer facilities, wi-fi, reading room Use of Oati sports centre, swimming pool Oati and surroundings hiking, open air activities Mondragon co-ops Bilbao (Guggenheim etc)THE RESIDENCESan Sebastian (La Concha) Basque cuisine 5. Major Activities International Master in Sociology of LawTreves Network Doctorate Visitors: doctoral/post-doc/senior researchersResidence grants, Chiba & Celaya grants Law & Society Library & Documentation Centrecatalogue internet accessible International Workshops, Conferences, Summer Courses2011 Conference: The Social Economy: Corporate Responsibility &Private Property & Partnerships, Workers Rights & Cooperatives PublicationsBook Series: Hart (English), Dykinson (Spanish)Journals: Sortuz, Oati Socio-Legal SeriesE-Newsletter Networking the world socio-legal communityWorld Consortium for Law and Society (WCLS) 6. The Oati Institute 7. Post-graduate Programme International MastersDegree in the Sociology of Law(Official Masters Degree in theSociology of Law of the Universitiesof the Basque Country and Milan,recognised by the InternationalSociological Association (ISA) 8. 1990-2011 (22 Programmes)396 Students from 60 countries2011-12: 13 from 11 countries147 professors p from 27 countries 9. GraduatesFrom 1990-91 to 2011/12 281 students 396 Master StudentsInternational Masters in 18%the Sociology of LawSingle 46 students: Certificate Courses International Masterin Sociology of Lawof Course Work (noCourse Workthesis) 15%( no te sina) 69 students: Single 67%Courses 10. One-year Programme60 ECTS creditsEnd-September AprilMid September March (6.5 months)(5.5 months)Courses at the IISL Research Project (supervised)Masters Thesis 40 credits 20 credits 1 ECTS teaching credit = 25hours work (preparation, class seminar, individualdiscussion, assignments) 1 Research ECTS = 30 hours 11. Courses 2 weeks eachTaught by Visiting ProfessorsTheories and Approaches to the Sociology of LawSocio-Legal Research Theory and Practice: Qualitative MethodsSocio-Legal Research Theory and Practice: Quantitative MethodsComparative Legal Cultures & Non-Western Law in a Comparative FrameworkSocio-Legal Approaches to RightsThe Sociology of Litigation and AdjudicationComparative & International CriminologyLaw in Global GovernanceLegal ProfessionsLaw and Economic RegulationNew Issues in Socio-Legal StudiesAnthropology of Law & Legal Pluralism(Thesis Seminar & Special Topics weekly over 24 weeks) 12. Theses Submission: September24 weeks to write and submit: draft proposal, supervised, empirical or theoretical research Written defence (email) orOral defence(Oati/videoconference) Grades: Eximia cum laude approbatur Magna cum laude approbatur Cum laude approbatur Approbatur 13. Admission requirements University degree in Sociology, Law,Social Sciences or a related disciplinewith good GPA Good working knowledge of English(Toefl/IELTS or other evidence) 14. Tuition Fees cover University 60 ECTS fees Course material Diploma IISL fees Sports facilities2,000 15. Student Fund & Grants RCSL 3000 + IISL 3000 IISL 7800 in lieu of teacher fees Donations! Tiruchelvam grant Treves grant 16. Doctoral ProgrammeThe League of European Research Universities(LERU) May 2007Oati Masters as a stepping stone to a PhDA well-established example of connectionbetween Masters and Doctoral coursesWidely recognised for entry into PhD programmesDirect entry to PhD at UPV/EHUInitial structural part of PhD programme at CES,University of Coimbra 17. European Doctoral ProgrammeRenato Treves International Research Doctorate inLaw and Society established by the University ofMilan together with the: Centro Nazionale di Prevenzione e Difesa Soziale in Milan Carlos III University of Madrid University of Antwerp University of the Basque Country University of Bologna University of Insubria University of Lund University of Milan-Bicocca University of Urbino 18. The Oati Institute 19. Workshops & Meetings Up to 30 Participants, by invitation & on request Any socio-legal subject Between April-July (c. 12 weeks) Workshops Thursday-Friday Meetings Monday-Tuesday Meetings self-funded & organised IISL makes local arrangements Charge 50 (Category A countries) Application for workshops + competition Bilkurak at other times subject to space availability 20. Workshop Applications Application Form Details of the organiser(s) Statement of themes and objectives provisional timetable and programme Names of those who have agreed to take part Criteria for Selection quality of the proposal spread of participation international & Basque contribution to socio-legal studies originality or novelty 21. Publication ofWorkshop PapersPAPERSOati Socio-Legal SeriesBook Proposal Not Accepted Accepted by PublisherHART DYKINSON English Series Spanish series 22. Book SeriesHART DYKINSON 23. Launched 2011 Also in SSRN Issue 1: Top Theses Issue 2: Investigations Investigaciones - Ikerlanak Thematic Issues from Workshops All papers peer-reviewed Five Issues published by May 2011 24. The Oati Institute 25. OATI IISL LIBRARY 26. OATI LIBRARY Library resources: 16.600 monographs, and 21.000 indexedchapters from some of these books. 560 journals and series, 110 active subscriptions. Library database: 77.000 bibliographical references:monographs, chapters, journals articles, unpublished materials,digital files. Online Catalogue at Library Reading Rooms: wifi access, photocopier, scanner 27. IISL DATABASES LANGUAGES - 2007 SPANISH; 14961 BULGARIAN; 1 BASQUE; 420 BASQUECATALAN; 125 BULGARIAN SWEDISH; 22RUSSIAN; 14CHINESE; 16 CATALAN CROATIAN; 2 CROATIANROMANIAN; 12 CZECH; 34 CZECH CHINESEPORTUGUESE; 1392 DANISH; 1 DANISH POLISH; 18DUTCH; 343DUTCH ENGLISH NORWEGIAN; 3ESTONIAN FINNISH JAPANESE; 35 FRENCHITALIAN; 3032GEORGIANENGLISH; 43390 GERMAN HUNGARIAN; 4GREEK GREEK; 16 HUNGARIAN ITALIAN JAPANESEGERMAN; 3371 NORWEGIANGEORGIAN; 1POLISH PORTUGUESE ROMANIANFRENCH; 5200FINNISH; 17RUSSIAN ESTONIAN; 1 SPANISH SWEDISH 28. LIBRARY ONLINE CATALOGUE :http// 29. Search query : Legal cultures 30. Search results : (Legal cultures)+ (English) +(1970-2007) 1.372 bibliographic references: Books and chapters Journal articles Unpublished materials 31. Legal Cultures : A Book chapter 32. Legal Cultures : A Book 33. Legal Cultures : An article 34. Legal Cultures : A Paper 35. VISITING SCHOLARS Sabbaticals:Option for offices, with internet access. Accommodationat the Residence. Shorter stays under the sameconditions Grants:* Chiba Grant : "social scientific study of non-Westernlaw, including indigenous law among Western peoples,and studies by non-Western young scholars.* Celaya Grant: Sociolegal studies of Globalization andLaw* Residence Grants: Research work at the IISL Library More information: 36. The World Consortium ofLaw in Society Steering Committee Berlin July 2007Co-chairs Susanne Karstedt, Sol Picciotto (IISL);Joxerramn Bengoetxea; Anne Boigeol, Ulrike Schultz, BenotBastard, Vincenzo Ferrari; Terry Halliday, Malcolm Feeley;Masayuki Murayama, David Levi-Faur, Mariana Valverde An international federation of organisations of scholars andinstitutions undertaking inter-disciplinary research in law, thesocial sciences and humanities Objectives: share information, foster collaboration andnetworking and joint organisation of activities and events;offer services beyond those conventionally undertaken bynational/local organisations 37. WCLS Proposed Website Information on Law and Society worldwide Facilities for members of member organisations Tools for member organisations Interactive web 2.0 Drupal open-source software Levels of Access:PublicMembers of Member OrganisationsContributors Authorised by Member OrganisationsWebmaster 38. WCLS Public Website Members: List from database + links to websites News: items submitted by Authorised Contributors Working Groups: List generated from a database; Meetings & Conferences:List + Calendargenerated from database of items submitted by authorisedContributorsone-stop shop to schedule and advertise events Resources: pages of links to (i) Libraries, (ii) Journals, (iii)Publishers/Book series, (iv) Facilities (e.g. Smart Library,Experts listings). Information: searchable databases containing itemssubmitted by Authorised Contributors: (i) Jobs, (ii)Scholarships and Fellowships, (iii) Courses, (iv) Programmes,(v) Research Opportunities, (vi) Awards and Prizes. links to Web 2.0 resources (Twitter, Facebook, Del.iciousetc) Register/Log In facility 39. Individual Member Pages Working Groups List + link to Join a group Cre