iPhoneography art as a global contemporary art form

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6th research Summery

iPhoneography art as a global contemporary art form

The research review and analysis of the modalities for the use and dissemination of the technical Photography movement worldwide through a review of its components a real photography , by reviewing pioneers of iphoneography movement and display part of reality in art works gallery MiAM then findings and recommendations.

It also offers Iphoneography art that has spread around the world very quickly, because it is consistent with the widespread use of mobile and the spread of free software that not only captures the image and even re-adjust the image in art through these programs and broadcast on the networking sites social and via e-mail and other forms of broadcast.

The research found that there are many of the pioneers of iPhoneography movement including Greg Schmigel, Dominique Jost, Tony Cece and Sion Fullana, and helped the possibilities of camera iSight for Mobile iPhone to develop global art movement, also facilitated the possibilities of iPhone software imaging.


iPhone, iPhoneography, iPhonegrapher, instagram, OSX, Apple, Apps, WiMA


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