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BA and RE Coaching, Training, Teaching,through Quizzes, Assignments, Mini Projects. Learning by DOING with MINIMUM LECTURING Short intense Single Module Courses....of 4 to 6 Sessions.

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  • 1. Putcha V. Narasimham Knowledge Enabler Systems Kenablersys Services IT Coaching

2. I am Putcha V. Narasimham I Work and Teach Work 2 25SEP13Kenablersys SERVICES 3. Kenablersys Services--COACHING Teaching, Training, or Enabling Leaning Business Analysis & Requirements Engineering Business Process Modeling & Design Solution Architecture & Software Engineering Using OOAD UML BPMN 25SEP13Kenablersys SERVICES 3 4. BA & RE Coaching Employers and Project Managers Of BAs and REs Please Assess / approve / modify The BA&RE syllabus Business Analysis & Requirements Engineering have a lot in common IREB also mentions both BA and RE together.. That validates kenablersys syllabus for BA & RE 25SEP13Kenablersys SERVICES 4 5. BA&RE CoachingLearning Work Radical Entry Level Syllabus Minimal but in-depth 9 self-sufficient Modules Uses corrected and enhanced UML, BPMN, Nimbus UPN and relevant standards Makes a beginner an effective professional on the first job 5 25SEP13Kenablersys SERVICES 6. Course Options Full course: Nine Topics 15 Sessions Quizzes Mini Project One Topic Course: Intense, focused 4-6 Sessions per topic Quizzes Mini Project Recommended 6 25SEP13Kenablersys SERVICES 7. Learning Modes: Active Learning Listening is the first step but NOT sufficient What is heard must be validated using Principles, Examples and Non-examples Independently and with guidance Quizzes and Answers (right and wrong) must be reviewed and reasoned.missing in most 7 25SEP13Kenablersys SERVICES 8. Learning must enable Competent Professional Action Soon enough otherwise learning is incomplete. So we work on Case Studies & Mini Projects We see how principles work & dont work We discuss incorrect and corrected project documents And build professional competence 8 Kenablersys SERVICES 25SEP13 9. Learners Act as Professionals Working on Mini Projects in teams Playing the roles of Team Leaders, Designers and Reviewers of Projects---their own and other's projects Creating self-reviewed Mini Project Artifacts; Compiling all such artifacts into Business / Project Reports. 9 Kenablersys SERVICES 25SEP13 10. Doing and Learning: Some students / professionals prefer directly working on problems / projects Then learning from that experience This is demanding but more effective than the lectures Try 10 25SEP13 11. No Lectures The educational material is given BUT NOT TAUGHT Students learn by themselves and start working on problems and projects Students take their time to work on problems and decide on when to have discussion The sessions are devoted to discussion, review and correction of the documents / artifacts. 11 Kenablersys SERVICES 25SEP13 12. NOT sold to students This syllabus and coaching is NOT sold to students directly Students are encouraged to sell it to prospective employers / project managers Let employers / project managers see value in this syllabus and method Then we will start the learning 12 Kenablersys SERVICES 25SEP13 13. Access to the Methods & Tools See my resume, ppts, pdfs, and plans On Take the FREE trial session Check them out and take advantage Email 13 Kenablersys SERVICES 25SEP13 14. Mentoring See Kenablersys IT Consulting Even the best of fresh BAs and REs need mentors, Utilize review and mentoring services 14 Kenablersys SERVICES 25SEP13 15. Not an END E-mail Chat on Skype: prof.pvn START 15 Kenablersys SERVICES 25SEP13