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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Introduction to schools</p> <p>We are Indias first one of its kind company with complete focus into Child Fitness through fun and play. </p> <p>What makes us different from others is our: out-of-the-box creative ideas on fielduniversal approach to involve all children of different size &amp; body type to participate &amp; get fitterapproach of using the schools P.E. period to achieve our objectivesobjective is to make kids physically, mentally and socially fit1000+ varieties of games that involves children of all body types and ages</p> <p>The uniqueness of KhelFit model is that we focus on Holistic fitness for the child &amp; their family. </p> <p>About khelfit </p> <p>FITNESS</p> <p>AdherenceTo NASPE standards </p> <p> CustomisedCurriculum </p> <p>1000+ GAMES FOR ALL</p> <p> Fulfils requirements across boards </p> <p> Renowned Nutritionist, Paediatrics etc. </p> <p>Online Resource Centre</p> <p>AfterSchoolSports</p> <p>WHAT ARE WE OFFERING</p> <p>Our offering</p> <p>Benefits of khelfit Fitness, Academic Curriculum &amp; Performance:Curriculum so designed has 1000+ games for all, follows universal approach and motivates students to participate and builds aspirations to win. Enriching Physical Education Program that includes Internationally acclaimed play and exercise forms, designed in a fun obstacle course to match the Indian environments. Curriculum so created is based on NAPSE standards and is vetted by Industry experts. As per the research conducted at The Naperville City High School by University of Illinois a daily 30 minutes devoted to cardiovascular activity helps in improving the brains development and thus aids in academic improvement by 10%. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfit Fitness, Academic Curriculum &amp; Performance:Inculcating right Play-Exercise values with right Food Habits helps in building stronger immunity thus aiding into less Absenteeism, better Concentration and improved Academic Scores. Hand-picked best practises across different domestic &amp; international boards to design a unique curriculum. Our program matches the Physical Education requirements across different Indian boards in its own unique manner. KHELfit provides School a platform for Monthly Analytics and Assessment for Superior Fitness Progress Reports. A hard copy of our curriculum can be made available to KHELfit Partners/ Schools for Reference and Records. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfit Fitness, Academic Curriculum &amp; Performance:Builds amongst students positive aspirations to participate, undertake challenges &amp; a spirit to win.With popularity of Yoga &amp; its benefits, care has been taken to incorporate the best from Yoga as a part of KHELfit program. KHELfit helps in pre-conditioning of the body to undertake sports. For students aspiring to make their career in sports or participate on higher levels, KHELfit adds to their agility, muscle building, muscle endurance and overall fitness. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfitExecution of the Activity: We follow 15:1 (students: trainer) ratio. We help break the monotony of the mundane physical education period and generate excitement for students to participate and benefit from. KHELfit Play programs are customised for schools. We are committed to provide you with an internationally matching physical education program matching your school facilities. KHELfit uses a lot of good quality props that are bought from reputed vendors or are manufactured in-house. Our equipments, props are quality tested, non-hazardous and are manufactured keeping in mind all safety standards &amp; norms. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfitExecution of the Activity: All are Trainers are well trained on KHELfit program and can provide first aid, if required. We work in alliance with your schools academic physical educator, on ground (if required), and help them to participate and gain from the KHELfit knowledge.</p> <p>Benefits of khelfitOnline Participation &amp; Dedicated Members Dashboard:KHELfit website is built on the philosophy of inculcating right fitness habits amongst families. Children ape their parents or their eco system hence for the success of the program its been made complimentary for all family members of an enrolled child/student to log in and benefit from the KHELfit knowledge. For enrolled students and their families we give them array of topics that might interest them. Like ardent readers can benefit from articles on Fitness, while mothers can benefit from interesting recipes for children, for those who love to tab their habits of Fitness we have a Food, Water, Sleep, Bowels health and Mood calculator &amp; for those who like to be heard, we have features like Post an Article or Start a Discussion &amp; many more. For the benefit of all, we encourage members to be self-driven and benefit from the credible information that we have made online for them. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfitOnline Participation &amp; Dedicated Members Dashboard:</p> <p>KHELfit surely comes as a filtered answer for choosing between the knowledge freely available on Online Search Engines (Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) etc. KHELfit through its universal chatter or social media will help parents connect with Paediatrics/ Nutritionist and benefit from their suggestions regarding Fitness, Nutrition, and Child Behaviour etc. This will be once in a month engagement in an open online universal forum. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfitOnline Participation &amp; Dedicated Members Dashboard:</p> <p>As our initiative to get India fitter, we will try to bring on board as many interesting recipes as we can for getting children &amp; their families to eat healthy and stay fit always. Admin Rights for a Mother or Active Family Member will be given to access other Family Members Fitness levels and create a Fitness regime for homes. All Members will be inspired to stay up-to-date with regards right fitness habits, will be able to take inspirations from their friends, acquaintances, other parents and society on large. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfitNon-Academic Benefits:Our association will support the Admission Officer/ Desk to talk of the choiced decision the school makes for than Academics. KHELfit will try to bridge the gap between parents and schools regarding students class or social behaviour, will help in ringing the timely bell regarding the students requirement for counselling or any other remedial help i.e. within the scope of KHELfit. A timely help can prevent a lot, before damage. KHELfit access the food habits data across students and can gives inferences in future to schools for planning their food time-tables or any such knowledge based support that is not hindering the privacy of the student or their parent. A fit school has more credibility amongst local players and near or peers from the education industry. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfitNon-Academic Benefits:Our website, literature and all marketing tools aid in advocating the right food habits as a part of schools physical education curriculum. This can help relieve the educators from succumbing to parents undue pressure for desserts, sugar based food, fried or junk (many schools are compelled to provide certain food items not out of their choice but due to the parental pressure). This may aid in cutting down of the food pricing if required.KHELfit as a nodal will involve Parents with School making them jointly responsible towards Students &amp; Families holistic development. We can help you in giving a reality check to constantly complaining parents and help you develop a positive dialogue for students behavioural or nutritional counselling. Academically, Physically, Emotionally, Socially Fitter students &amp; families are the best brand ambassadors or sales people to advocate or refer the school. </p> <p>Benefits of khelfitSocietal BenefitsKHELfit aims to build a morally strong society. In our attempt to achieve this goal we help students to become physically, emotionally &amp; mentally stronger. We believe a strong child/student is less likely to succumb to bad habits and contributes to a better society. </p> <p>INCLUSIONSINCLUSIONS (I)1000+ STUDENTSUnique login &amp; password for Enrolled StudentMulti- Family Member login &amp; password with 1 student enrolmentAccess to Credible, validated information from leading industry expertsDaily log monitor facility for mapping Food, Mood, Workout habits etc.Opportunity to access and learn from Video DemonstrationsOnline-tips from Industry Experts/ Celebrities/ Renowned namesInteresting recipes to get kids eat nutritious food</p> <p>INCLUSIONSINCLUSIONS (II)1000+ STUDENTSChance to chat with our Nutritionist once a month through universal chatter window/social mediaOffers, Discount and Promotions over fitness products &amp; packagesStart thread of discussion regarding fitness, parenting etc.Stay up-to-date on fitness matters as other school &amp; their parents doDedicated Resources (Trainer + Help)Customized curriculum4 days in a month</p> <p>INCLUSIONSINCLUSIONS (III)1000+ STUDENTSSchool logo on the assessment reportSchool logo on the Members DashboardYoga &amp; Meditation as part of KHELfit class Compliance to Multiple board reqt. Following NASPE standards</p> <p>why khelfitis need of the hour?</p> <p>why khelfit?</p> <p>Donald is happyBecause of RonaldRonald is happyBecause DonaldsHappy with Ronalds prepared Meals.Both are happy but after few years Donald is sad while Ronald is still happy with other kids.</p> <p>Obesity lead to Depression Depression lead to Obesity. </p> <p>WHATS HAPPENING</p> <p>Causes ofobesity?</p> <p>WHATS HAPPENING</p> <p>FACTS</p> <p>FACTS</p> <p>Obesity in indian school childrenCityOverall ObesityPrivate SchoolsGovernment SchoolsMumbai22.333.98.4New Delhi22.031.59.2Allahabad14.918.68.6Jaipur10.415.95.4Dehradun15.417.02.4Lucknow14.914.9NAPant Nagar3.4NA3.4All Cities15.722.96.9</p> <p>NOTE: Studies report a prevalence of overweight / obesity among urban private school going adolescents as 29% [1]. The main causes identified are intake of energy dense foods and lack of physical activity.FACTS</p> <p>Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy (disease free).</p> <p>Cardiorespiratory fitnessMuscular strengthMuscular EnduranceFlexibilityBody CompositionC OMPONENTS to FITNESS5WE FOCUS ONWHATS FITNESS?WE FOCUS</p> <p>How we make it possible?</p> <p>Research: KhelFit evolved after a thorough &amp; continuous research of almost a year. Kids sedentary lifestyle and obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and it became vital to research about how do we contribute towards a disease free generation. Hence came in the need to study and research whats happening across the Globe and what may happen if we do not take preventive steps now. KhelFit model brings in the best from the whole world. We did not restrain ourselves to any particular geography as their problems are very different from ours. KhelFit is based on real-time assumptions of Indians. </p> <p>DEEP STUDY</p> <p>How we make it possible?</p> <p>Execute: KhelFit team of Fitness Experts come from multi-disciplinary background of Aerobics, Zumba, Gym, Track &amp; Field and Physical Education. All our fitness experts are well trained regarding KhelFit games and get a variety to choose from our Games Data Bank to implement in school basis the schools fitness index level. REALITY</p> <p>How we make it possible?</p> <p>Analyse: We are a data driven company, we motivate parents and fitness experts for data feeds of exercise, calories in-take, sleep, behaviour, and water vis--vis the level of physical activities and we provide real time health check. Our data feeds help us &amp; our parents to analyse the blockages that the child &amp; their family members may be having in meeting their fitness goals. </p> <p>CHECK</p> <p>How we make it possible?</p> <p>Improvise: We believe that fitness is an ongoing process as brain &amp; body easily adapts to the routine exercise(s) &amp; activities. Hence KhelFit brings in a variety of games for kids of all age groups that they may enjoy every-time when on field. With our new addition of games every-time, we bring to kids higher aspirations to compete and perform better each time. ALWAYS SEEK TO IMPROVE</p> <p>How we make it possible?</p> <p>Re-research: KhelFit is an ever growing learning model. We like kids believe in growing each day in terms of knowledge and are open to embracing new ideas &amp; technologies that will strengthen the fun and fitness element. </p> <p>We are learners and we will keep learning each day! </p> <p>KEEP Improving</p> <p>WE ARE THE 1ST KIDS FITNESS CO. TO LAUNCH FOOD CHOICES &amp;DAILY CALORIE COUNT FOR KIDS &amp; THEIR FAMILY</p> <p>WE ARE THE 1ST KIDS FITNESS CO. TO PROVIDE HOLISTIC INFORMATION &amp; ENCOURAGE OPEN DIALOGUES FOR KIDS FITNESS ON OUR WEBSITE.</p> <p>WE BRING TO YOUINTERESTING FACTS LIKE NEVER BEFORE.</p> <p>WE BRING TO YOUINTERESTING FACTS LIKE NEVER BEFORE</p> <p>WE BELIEVE IN UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM MORE DEEPER FOR BETTER RESULTS. </p> <p>One of its kind khelfit website &amp;mobile application launching soonFirst fitness website to log socialBehaviour &amp; bring the co-relation with Obesity &amp; health problems</p> <p>Demonstration </p> <p>Demonstration </p> <p>Demonstration </p> <p>Demonstration </p> <p>Who are we? </p> <p>Backed by well experienced Fitness Experts, Doctors, Dieticians, Research Analyst, Marketing Professionals, Technical Experts, Educationists, Editorial team, Engineers &amp; Parents etc. KhelFit team comprises of Fitness Enthusiasts who work together towards making India free of obesity and related health hazards. </p> <p>KhelFit team is a growing team comprises of grown up people who believe in learningeach day. </p> <p>Why choose KhelFit?</p> <p>only company in India to make fitness as a childs playwe have more than a 1000+ games for kids that brings them to the ground with aspirations to win, participate and enjoy the differenceKhelFits games are planned in a manner that it caters to kids of all age, size, height and weightOur robust technology is one of its kind that will help track and improvise the childs and their family members health and vitalityWith KhelFit, website &amp; mobile application (forthcoming) it will bring health on the go. Engaged &amp; disciplined parents will find more positive changes in their physical body, improved emotional levels, increased mental alertness and will become more socially behaved. </p> <p>Whats in for schoolImprovement in Health and Fitness IndexBetter Academics as Healthy and Fit kids are more attentiveIncrease in Goodwill amongst parents, peers and world at large</p> <p>exercises help improve academicsA test program at Naperville Central High School in Illinois illustrated the power of exercise to boost school performance in a powerful way in 2012.</p> <p>Students participated in a dynamic morning exercise program at the beginning of the day, and had access to exercise bikes and balls throughout the day in their classrooms. The results were astounding. Those who participated nearly doubled their reading scores! </p> <p>Research has also shown that after 30 minutes on the treadmill, students solve problems up to 10 percent more effectively.</p> <p>exercises help improve academicsAnother more recent review of 14 studies,ranging in size from as few as 50 participants to as many as 12...</p>