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  • 1. The good, the bad and the ugly.Dr. Curtis R. Rogers,Communications Director

2. How it started. Library signage ispublic relations. What is a signageaudit? Signage exercises Creating a signagepolicy. Effective librarysignage conceptsand resources. 3. 2012ALCOPConference (Assn. of LibraryCommunicationsand OutreachProfessionals) Now LibraryCommunicationsConference 4. Why is good signageimportant?Public vs. Staff areasignage.Have you ever seenpassive-aggressivelibrary signs?How can we solvethis problem? 5. Visit retail locationsLooks and learn fromtheir signsBranding?Negative or positive?Handwritten?Printed? B&W/Color? 6. GROUP EXERCISE (10 minutes)Each group receives real life library signs.Think of how to reword the sign to make itmore friendly and have fewer words (useback of sheet).Remember: Keep it Simple!Each group will have an opportunity toshare their new signs. 7. How to conduct asimple signageaudit:1. Walk aroundlibrary with camera2. Take photos of alland any kind ofsignage3. Upload and viewslideshow 8. SCSL Signage Audit Created set oflibrary signs inflickr Worked withEditorialCommittee toreview signs Still in theprocess ofreplacing oldsigns 9. Remnants 10. BeforeAfter 11. BeforeAfter 12. BeforeAfter 13. Before 14. After 15. Get examples Review with yourlibrarys Editorial (orsimilar) Committee Break out policy intocomponents relevant toyour library: Mission Categories Design Elements Requesting LibrarySignage 16. Create templates Use controlledvocabulary Include your libraryslogo Decide on set colors Decide on a fontfamily Library leadershipmust be on board Establish a signagecommittee if needed Educate staff atmeetings Appoint signagecontact(s) Post templates tointranet or send viaemail Keep current (signageevolves) 17. Take 10-15 minutes By yourself or with apartner Walk around the library andlook critically at each signyou come across Make a note of GOODSignage Make suggestions on howto CHANGE signage Dont just say you dont likea sign. Provide input. Group discussion 18. Flickr Pinterest PR Talk Listserv The Accidental LibraryMarketer The Customer-Focused Library: Re-Inventing the PublicLibrary From theOutside-In 19. Thank you!Please feelfree tocontact me.Dr. Curtis R. Rogers803-734-8928