Linguistic analysis of my front cover and contents page for my mock up of my school magazine

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Mock up School MagazineHere is my mock up. In this I have tried to create a magazine with material I have learned and picked up from other magazines. For example, in one of the school magazines they had a declarative statement, which was quite ambiguous in meaning yet urged the reader to open up and find out what the writer was on about. I thought this was a good idea, which is why in my mock up I added the quote My big plans, suggesting to the reader that someone with authority was going to make a positive change towards the school. Also, I decided to add the school badge in the top right hand side of the magazine, which I could potentially develop by adding different pages for the different schoolhouses in the magazine. I have a clear colour and style too which I stick to throughout both pages.


The mast head is the biggest convention of the magazine alongside the school badge to show the importance of it. Additionally, it helps the reader identify the magazine from a far and differentiate it from others.

I have chosen a couple of images on the front cover to give the magazine a sense of reality, and make it feel like an actual magazine. The image from the science class sees the children engaging in the lessons and seem to be quite focused and even entertained by the experiment going on. This is a positive image for anyone who might consider sending their children here or for someone who already sends their children. The positive atmosphere suggests to the reader that this school upholds a strong value system and provides good education.

I have utilised sell lines to attain the attention of the readers and to ultimately persuade them purchase the magazine. The sell line is clearly evident on the left hand side of the page. I used the ambiguous statement my big plans to almost entice the reader and give them an inner drive to purchase the magazine and understand what are these big plans?

I have placed a barcode on my front cover so the readers can notice that its an actual magazine as this a convention that is found on conventional magazines.


The price is evident on my magazine and actually stands out as it meets the customers needs from the survey that I conducted. Additionally, the price also adds to the realism of it being an actual magazine.

Another image on the magazine is of a student in a P.E uniform participating in a table tennis match; showing how to activities can range from educational to having fun, showing just how diverse and positive the school is.

The main colour thats been used here is the colour blue and thats because It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolises the values of the school and the way it operates.

On the left hand side I have included a heading which says Revision Tips which applies to my target audience as they will be undertaking exams during the summer. This ultimately gives them an incentive to purchase this magazine for the soul reason of revision.

Consequently, on the left hand side of the magazine I put Those all important 2015 GCSE results this again is another incentive to purchase the magazine as stakeholders and current students would be interested to learn what the recent results were like.All these declarative statements have been put on the left side of the magazine due to the fact that usually the left side of the magazine is normally the first eye contact point.

One of the first things noticeable is the colour wave is the same as the front cover showing the connection between the two, and again bringing that sense of depth and stability.

Contents is also clearly written across the top and underneath is something different; all the school house badges have been included to show the diversity within the school and the initial school badge has been placed to show how even though theres different denominations the schools still one.

The content page works well with my front cover as it uses more text and images , therefore showcasing how its informative and contextual. The numbers have been aligned down the left side of the magazine stereotypically so that it takes a professional form.

The headings from the front cover have been numbered which makes it easier for the readers to get to the page that they want to go to. From page 28-30 I have put Crossword Puzzle Games this again is stereotypical of a real magazine as this is what they place at the end of their magazine which is why I included this to give the reader a sense of realism.

In the upper right hand side of the page I have a picture which is a clock from inside of the school with a cross on top of it showing the catholic side of the school.

In the bottom left hand side of the magazine there is a statement by the head teacher of the school. The title of his statement is our pride the possessive pronoun our allows the readers to get involved and make them feel like the school is one big community and theyre a part of it.

In the bottom right of the magazine is the ties of the school. The caption of this picture says separated yet still together which initially as I said before is trying to emphasise the point that even though there are different houses within the school we are all still together. An exclamation mark has been used to highlight the point being made.

Additional information has been included on the contents page regarding the cover story, therefore, the reader will be able to get a brief insight into what information will be on that page or what that article will be about.