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  1. 1. For this part of my project I analysed the conventionsof the front covers of three of Blues & Soul magazines,each magazine from different time periods to have agreater comparison between the three. Each magazinehas a female artist, which have been portrayed in verydifferent ways according to image and status and genreof music. Each magazine also has a huge change toconventions depending on the time period.
  2. 2. This is an 80s issue of the Blues & Soul magazinewhich is completely catered to soul.The masthead is heavily condensed in bold colourand stands out greatly against the image. The imagehas a dull tinge to it making the cover lines and puffwords even brighter, with the coloured outline of thetext enhances it even more. However the brightnessand contrast on her face brightens the image anddraws attention to her.The angle of gaze from the image is slightly at atilted angle giving the impression that she is lookingdown at you. The image also suggests that the genreof Soul has a touch of higher class and glamour aswoman has on full make up, harsh red lips,diamonds, a velvet glove and big hair; which was infashion at the time and was also considered asglamour. Even though her shoulder is bare it iscovered up by the puff words also suggesting thetarget audience they are catering for is more of anolder a mature audience. The neon textsurroundings are not necessarily of a mature naturemy of a playful one suggesting that the genre has adifferent more easy side to it.
  3. 3. This is an issue of the Blues & Soul magazine from theyear 2000, and now caters to more than just soul. TheMasthead title has less weight to it and is more of amodern nature using one block colour and not usingoutlines. The whole magazine cover is more of a simplenature, with less cover lines and puff words which arelaid out form left to right in the same column, which areall using the same font; the difference is in the weightand size of the text. The size differentiates especiallywith the name of the artist on the front cover.The angle of gaze from the artist is again at a tiltedangle almost looking down at you. The artist is wearingclothes from the hip hop and R&B culture showing howthe magazine now caters to more genres, The magazinealso displays the interest of the younger generation asthe artist is quite young herself and her clothing is alsomodern and more casual such as the bandana, thetinted sunglasses and silver jewellery.The style also shows the youthfulness as her top has amid drift which is not covered up; the make up of theartist is also very subtle and natural displaying youth.This suggests the target audience and market haschanged for this music magazine especially displayingpopular style. The position the artist is in which isleaning on the wall also displays the casual side of theartist. The colours of the text are matched to the colourof the artists clothes and hairs, making it stand out evenmore.
  4. 4. This is an issue of the Blues & Soul magazine fromthe noughties later than the previous issue. Themasthead has become less of the attraction as it hasnow been minimised to B&S instead of the full title ofthe previous years and has been put in a new positionto the top left hand side. The masthead has alsoregained its weight and boldness.It still caters to the many genres; however theaudience seems to have changed as the artist on thefront cover is carrying a lot of sex appeal whichsuggest the magazine also caters to the maleaudience; her half lidded eyes create her sensualnature, especially as they are gazing down on you,with the camera tilted. She is holding up the materialon half of her body almost as if she is unveilingsomething.The image is also gray scale making the cover linesand puff words stand out even more with the brightcolour especially with the shadow now added to thetext. The text also varies more in size and weightdepending on relevance on the front cover.
  5. 5. The Blues & Soul Magazine tends to change accordingto the artist, and their image and status. The Deep soulsingers are more like to have a close up and innocentimage . However the style of the magazine changes asit develops to cater to more than one genre. Themagazines text and imagery changes greatly ,advertising more sex appeal than innocence.