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1. M I S C O N C E P T I O N MAKING THE IMAGE FOR OUR MAGAZINE COVER 2. STEP 1: FINDING AN IMAGE We decided on this image to use as our magazine cover. This is because it corresponds to many of the magazine covers from my mood board, for example, it is a close up of the protagonist. Also, her face is positioned in the centre of the page. Also, she is squinting her eyes and smiling slightly which indicates towards her evil ways in the film. 3. STEP 1- FINDING AN IMAGE We then opened this image in Photoshop and experimented with different effects. However, we soon decided that we thought the best way to achieve a Little White Lies style would be by drawing the image ourselves and scanning it in to the computer 4. STEP 2: TRACING THE IMAGE 1) Firstly I placed the tracing paper over the image 2) Then, I drew over the key element on her face 5. STEP 2: TRACING THE IMAGE 3) Then I turned the tracing paper over and placed a clean sheet of paper underneath. Then, I used the pencil to shade heavily on the lines to transfer the image onto the paper underneath 4) I then removed the tracing paper, leaving the transferred image ready to colour 6. STEP 3: COLOURING I used the same pencil to shade in the features (eyes, nose, mouth)on her face. I took this idea of only detailing these features after seeing the little white lies version of The Black Swan where the eyes nose and mouth are the only detailed features, which I thought was very effective in creating focus and drama. Also, in The Black Swan version the cheekbones are very defined which I also took inspiration from when colouring our magazine cover 7. STEP 3: COLOURING I also took inspiration from this version of the black swan magazine cover, in terms of adding veins and cuts across the eye. This is because I thought it created a sinister, eerie atmosphere. However, I then thought that these veins detracted from the overall image and the different coloured eyes. Also, I thought it made the genre appear more horror than psychological thriller. 8. STEP 3: COLOURING After rubbing out the veins across the eye, I tried to think of another way to indicate towards a split personality. Therefore, I took inspiration from this particular magazine cover where one side is particularly darker than the other. Therefore I used much heavier shading on one half of the face than the other 9. STEP 3: COLOURING I also took inspiration from the more inhuman side of this face, however to less of an extreme level than before. I used similar burn-like markings on the side of the neck. This is because I thought it linked to the ideas of demons, spirits and the possessed mirror in the film.