My presentation on "Ecocriticism in the poems of Robert Frost"

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“All that is separate from us, all which Philosophy distinguishes as the NOT ME, that is, both nature and art, all other men and my own body, must be ranked under this name, NATURE.” by R. W. Emerson

Text of My presentation on "Ecocriticism in the poems of Robert Frost"

  • 1. Ecocriticism in the Poems ofRobert FrostName: Riddhi S. JaniRoll No: 23Paper: 10, The American LiteratureSemester: 3rdSubmitted To: Department of English,M. K. Bhavnagar University

2. What is Ecocriticism ? In simple words, Ecocriticism is a study of therelationship between literature and physicalenvironment. Lawrence Buell is the pioneer of Ecocriticism. Influenced by Emerson. What do Ecocritics do ? Or what the Ecocritics study inany literary work ? Ecocriticism takes as its subject the interconnectionsbetween nature and culture (by Cheryll Glotfelty) 3. All that is separate from us, all which Philosophydistinguishes as the NOT ME, that is, both nature and art, allother men and my own body, must be ranked under this name,NATURE.-Ralph Waldo Emerson 4. Ecocritical Views Human beings [are] ecologically orenvironmentally embedded. by Lawrence Buell Remediation of humankinds alienation from thenatural world Buell World of nature and the world of men are parts ofthe same world. Dana Phillips (An Ecocritic) Humanity is literally part of Nature NeilEvernden 5. Another concern ofmost of the Ecocritics isanthropocentric idea. Luc Ferry suggests thatnature should bedisciplined, polished,and cultivated, inshorthumanized . They thinks nature ascontrollable by humans. 6. Ecocriticism and Robert Frost Robert Frost (1874-1963)is an American poet. He won Pulitzer Prize inpoetry four times. Mainly a nature poet. Why to see his poemsfrom an Ecocriticalsight ? 7. Ecocriticism in Frosts Poem First comes rhythm and style that Frost mostlydidnt write in free verse. He gives most of the place to nature elementslike wood, trees, flower, domestic animals, land(i.e. earth). He treats nature in both positive and negativeways. The rural life is depicted largely in his poems. 8. In the poem The gift Outright,The land was ours before we were the land's.She was our land more than a hundred years. Land (i.e.nature) is personified here.(Why humans are notnaturified?) By these lines we can see that Frost sees nature as the other andas the thing or as a commodity, which can be given, taken,bought, sold or won. 9. In the poem Mending Wall: Wall and trees: Trees seem to be the cause of the separation of theneighbour.There where it is we do not need the wall:He is all pine and I am apple orchard.My apple trees will never get acrossAnd eat the cones under his pines, I tell him. Juxtaposition between human construction andnature. 10. In the poem Design: He questions to the destructiveness of nature.Assorted characters of death and blightWhat brought the kindred spider to that height,Then steered the white moth thither in the night?What but design of darkness to appall? He is accepting only the beauty of the nature, for hisown purpose. And he is not seeing nature as its whole. 11. In the poem The Road not Taken: In this poem, he after thinking logically chooses one pathwhich is less traveled by.Then took the other, as just as fairAnd having perhaps the better claimBecause it was grassy and wanted wearIn leaves no step had trodden black.I shall be telling this with a sigh In the underlined lines we findcontradiction. 12. In the poem Stopping by Woods: That otherness between human and nature isseen. And the anthropocentric idea is reflected here.My little horse must think it queerThe woods are lovely, dark, and deepBut I have promises to keepAnd miles to go before I sleep, 13. In the poem Fire and Ice: It seems that Frost is taking the ice as negativephenomenon.I think I know enough of hateTo say that for destruction iceIs also greatA snow-drop spider (Design)He will not see me stopping hereTo watch his woods fill up with snow. and frozen lake (Stoppingby Woods) 14. This is how we can do a keen reading of thispoem from an Ecocritical sight. In our subconscious the feeling of beingsuperior than nature is always laid. So, in this way we can do the ecocriticalreading that how the writer treats the nature. 15. T H A N KY O U