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Advanced tool- school management system with inbuilt library and project database for student growth and 21st century learning. Visit to know more :


  • 1. 2 1 ST C E N T U R Y C L A S S R O O M - P R O J E C T BASED LEARNING
  • 2. Digital Portfolio For Authentic Assessment Better understanding of what you want your students to learn and be able to do. Objective-driven knowledge and skills to real-world challenges. Evaluate interdisciplinary tasks using a standards-based strategy.
  • 3. Self Directed Learning Students Committed To Lifelong Learning Not Limited To The Classrooms Students Can Maintain Their Own Blog
  • 4. Developed For Educators Developed by educators for educators. Separate Teachers Directed and Student Directed Sides. Tool develop and share projects. Students and teachers can upload what they want to share. Classmates, teachers and parents can add comments. Research work is more easier
  • 5. Digital Archive of Work Record Open School ePortfolio is digital learning portfolio which provide the feature of complete digital archive of student assignments and work record. Other students can get the opportunity of getting experience.
  • 6. Multiple Intelligences E-portfolios also help to foster an independent and autonomous way of thinking. It can be used for multiple purposes. Students can use multimedia for better understanding. Students must apply both their knowledge of how the web works and the message they want to convey. Students and Teachers can access free digital libraries.
  • 7. Planning And Assessment Tool Allow teachers to create and share lessons and performance rubrics Teachers can choose and explore data from existing public project database and library Teachers and Students are now connected with home environment. They can share their classroom moments and learning experience with parents and guardians
  • 8. Provision of Industry Standard Technology Easy and Holistic Assessment of Students Increased Student Employability Producing students with right skills Making the institution itself more competitive Students can get easily network access even if they are working from home.
  • 9. Free Signup TO KNOW MORE : 2 1 st C e n t u r y L e a r n i n g S k i l l s