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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Oracle Identity Analytics Training at Oracle Trainings</p> <p>Email: </p> <p>IND: +91 8121 020 111</p> <p></p> <p>Oracle Identity Analytics Training Course Content1.OverviewImportance of identity managementIntroduction to Oracle Identity Manager 10g and 11gOracle Administration InfrastructureInstalling &amp; Configuring Oracle Identity Manager2. Launching Oracle Identity ManagerOracle Identity Manager Server OverviewOracle Identity Manager InterfacesDesign Console OverviewOracle SOA Consoles Overview3. Understanding Organizations, Roles, and UsersLoading User &amp; Role-Based Data with the Bulk Load UtilityCreating &amp; Managing Users, Roles &amp; OrganizationsCustomizing &amp; Saving Searches</p> <p>4. Understanding OIM ConnectorsWhat is Connectors?Types of Oracle Identity Manager ConnectorsUsing Oracle Identity Manager ConnectorsConfigurationRun TimeOn-boarding Users to OIM5. Understanding ProvisioningWhat is Provisioning?Differences Between Assigning Resources &amp; Provisioning ResourcesUsing Criteria to Provision a Resource to a User6 .Understanding Workflows, Tasks and RequestsWhat is Workflows?Managing Approval &amp; Provisioning WorkflowsDeploying SOA CompositesCreating RequestsApproving RequestsAccessing the Resource</p> <p>7. Understanding IT Resource &amp; Application InstancesWhat is IT Resource &amp; Non-Managed Resource?Application InstancesDisconnected ResourcesUsing Disconnected Resources8. Understanding ReconciliationWhat is Reconciliation?Reconciliation &amp; ProvisioningTypes of ReconciliationReconciliation Events, Rules &amp; Policies9. Managing ReportsTypes of ReportsConfiguring Oracle BI PublisherCreating Reports for Organizations, Users and RolesCustomizing ReportException reports handling</p> <p>10. Auditing, Monitoring, and Logging for OIMWhat Is Auditing?Oracle Identity Manager Audit EngineWhat Is Monitoring?What Is Logging?Identify log files specific to Oracle Identity ManagerAttestation Processes11. Transferring OIM ConfigurationsDeployment Manager OverviewSandbox OverviewExporting &amp; Importing Configuration DataCustomizations Using Java APIsIdentify an application programming interface (API)Lookup fields and user-defined fields</p> <p>Please Like Us OnFacebook:</p> <p></p>