Our Super Eco Granny by Buzcek, Poland

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Long, long time ago in Buczek lived the Nowak family.

They were not very tidy and neat. They did not care about their house and garden.

At home it was usually dirty, the lights were usually turned on, they didnt save water or recycle rubbish.

They had 3 children. Two daughters and a son.

Maja was the oldest, Kamil was younger and Marta was the youngest of all three


One day Marta was walking around in the garden, she wanted to pick some flowers.

She noticed that the flowers did not grow.

Suddenly she slipped on the wet grass and cried so loudly she woke her father Robert

from a nap in a bath.

When he came to see what happened he saw that the whole family has gathered

around Marta.

His wife Agata was talking to somebody on the phone. Who did you talk to on the

phone? Asked Robert.

I talked to my mother Teresa. She will visit us this weekend said Agata.

WHAT?!!! - shouted the Nowaks. They were afraid of what will their grandma say

about them.

In the evening Agata, Robert and Marta went to a hospital as it appeared that the

girl brake her arm. They had to stay there for the night.

They all forgot that the next day their grandma was coming to visit them.

In the morning grandma Teresa walked out of the taxi. She knocked at the door but

no one answered. So she walked in as the door was open.

She saw Maja and Kamil. Where is everybody? Where is Marta? Asked grandma

Teresa. In the hospital said the children.

Grandma Teresa took her solar energy motorcycle and went straight to the hospital.

She saw her granddaughter and the rest of the family. Marta has broken her arm.

Later grandma went home. She sent the children to their friends. She decided to

change their house into more environmental friendly one.

She took a vacuum cleaner and a brush off her suitcase. She cleaned the whole house.

She has changed ordinary light bulbs into energy saving light bulbs. She has bought

recycling bins for paper, glass and plastic and she has also planted some flowers. On

the roof of their house she has installed solar energy panels.

When the whole family came back home they couldn't believe their eyes. They saw

ecological, clean beautiful house

The next day grandma Teresa had to go back home. She was very happy for the

family to have such a safe and environmental friendly house.

The end

Script:Wiktoria DobrzaskaWiktoria JdrykaMarta HolakMaja WojtasikZuzanna Bednarek

Illustrations:Kacper Szajnerukasz KubikSeweryn PisarskiMarcel TomczykMaja WojtasikKacper SobierajSylwia StruckaTobiasz KrupiskiMartyna MarczakZuzanna BednarekMarta HolakWiktoria DobrzaskaKacper StencelWiktoria Jdryka