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  1. 1. Secondary Topics Term 2 2017 English S1 /S2 Reading Stone Cold by Robert Swindells, a book that focuses on the plight of homeless young people. Although it is set in London, the difficulties people face are not unique to that location and can be found in many major cities in the UK. Pupils will be exploring characterisation, structure and language as well as producing writing in a range of forms such as letters, articles and diaries. S3 Studying the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy in preparation for National 5. We have started the term with War Photographer. They will also be reviewing their portfolios of evidence, which may be entered for National 4 at the end of this school year. S4 Redrafting their creative essays and continuing to explore 6 short stories in Hieroglyphics by Anne Donovan, which is their National 5 Scottish text. They will be thematically linking these stories and working on how to structure a critical essay. Mathematics and Numeracy S1 Number Decimal fractions and formal written methods Algebra Equations Number Fractions, Decimal fractions, percentages Holistic testing S2 Expressions and Equations Algebra introducing brackets Data and Analysis Averages Fractions, Decimal Fractions and Percentages Adding and subtracting fractions S3 Angle, symmetry and transformation Congruent and Similar shapes
  2. 2. Properties of 2D shapes Pythagoras Properties of 2D shapes Trigonometry Angle, symmetry and transformation Circles 2, (Tangents, Arcs and sectors) S4 Unit 2 Relationships Determining the equation of a straight line, given the gradient Working with linear equations and inequations Working with simultaneous equations Changing the subject of a formula Recognising and determine the equation of a quadratic function from its graph Sciences S1/S2 Science: Biological systems Atoms, elements and compounds S3 Chemistry: Atomic structure and bonding related to properties of materials Chemical changes and structure o Covalent and ionic bonding o Chemical formulae o Acids and bases S3 Biology: DNA and the production of proteins Proteins Genetic engineering Respiration S3 Physics This term the S3 students will be looking at Radioactivity. They will investigate the different types of emissions from radioactive sources as well at looking at nuclear power stations and considering equations related to the dosage received by people working with radioactive sources. This topic will tie in with other subjects such as Chemistry. We will also consider the Chernobyl explosion and its subsequent effects on health and the environment.
  3. 3. S4 Biology: Transport systems Plants Transport systems Animals Absorption of materials Social Subjects: Geography S1/S2 What is going on under the Earth? What is the earth made of? Where do volcanoes and earthquakes occur? What happens at plate boundaries? What are earthquakes? What are volcanoes? S3 Global Issues: Health: AIDS ( distribution, cause, effects and treatment ) Global Issues: Hazards Structure of the Earth Crustal Plates and Plate Boundaries Volcanoes ( Causes, Impact, Management ) Earthquakes ( Causes, Impact, Management) Tropical Storms ( Causes, Impact, Management ) S4 Global Issues: Hazards Structure of the Earth Crustal Plates and Plate Boundaries Volcanoes (Causes, Impact, Management) Earthquakes (Causes, Impact, Management) Tropical Storms (Causes, Impact, Management) National 5 Coursework: (for those students working towards a National 5 qualification). 1 hour exam using information gathered during the National 4 AVU completed last Term. National 3 Study: (for those students working towards a National 3 qualification). Processing and write up of information collected over the Summer/October 2017 break.
  4. 4. Social Subjects: History S1/S2 Early peoples 10,000BC 600AD in Scotland and Britain (1 week) Civilisations: including choices from The Ancient Egyptians, People of The Indus Valley, Ancient China, Romans (4 Weeks) A History Mystery: (2 Weeks) This will give students the opportunity to o Develop skills of question formulation, deduction, reasoning, group work and structured writing. S3/4 Module: The Atlantic Slave Trade 1770-1807 (Scottish Topic) Britain and The Caribbean The Captives Experience and Slave Resistance The Abolitionists Campaigns: 1. Origins of the Abolitionist Movement & its increased support within & outside Parliament 2. Role of key players in the Abolitionist Campaign, such as William Wilberforce 3. Arguments of the Abolitionists:- Christian, Humanitarian & Economic. 4. Methods used by the Abolitionists 5. Defenders of the Trade 6. Reasons for the Delay in the abolition of the Trade 7. Reasons for the eventual abolition of the Trade Assessment National 4 Value Added Unit & Preparation for National 5 Exam Essay National 4 Personal Project completed in class & at home. No examination, internally marked National 5- Preparation for a one hour essay conducted under exam conditions, externally marked. Essay topic chosen by student with guidance Health and Food Technology S1 This term the students in S1 will be looking at the energy contents of food and how this relates to their physical activity and well being. They will be using the Explore Food program, which enables them to calculate the energy and
  5. 5. nutrient content of the foods that they cook. We will then go on to look at the individual nutrients within foods and how these can affect our health S2 This term the students will be starting a new unit called 'Skills in Food and Textile Preparation'. This term we will be revising our food hygiene knowledge and understanding, considering how to make recipes healthier and looking at cookery processes and how these can be used to make our food healthier. S3/4 This term the S3 students will be working on a project that is a food product design task. They will be devising questionnaires, collecting data and analysing it in order to come up with a new food product. S4 are beginning their SQA practical exam on food product development; this is worth 50% of their final grade, all of which must completed within school under supervised conditions. Practical Cake Craft This term we shall be concentrating on working towards the formal practical SQA exam as soon as the exam details are published. The exam will be independent work that must be completed with lots of detail and informative comments. While we wait for the publication of the exam brief we will be practising exam techniques and revising for the written exam. French S1 French topics: School subjects: Learn about school subjects. Say what your favourite subject is. What you like/dont like/hate/find OK. Give your opinion about school subjects and teachers. (eg. I dont like maths because the teacher is too strict, etc...) The French school system The Time: The 12h and 24h clocks Speaking about your school timetable. Clothes: Talking about what youre wearing at school and at home different types of clothes. Revision on colours and adjectives (rule of the agreement)
  6. 6. Animals & pets : Decriptions of pets (eg: Jai un chien qui est petit et mignon) Widen the topic to wild animals (whale, otter, tiger, lion, seal, etc...) + description. S2 French topics: Visiting a city / Tourist attractions: Saying what you did in Paris. The perfect tense of regular and irregular verbs. Understanding information about a tourist attraction. Saying where you went and how Perfect tense using the verb ETRE / Asking a question at the perfect tense S3 French topics: Sport and health Parts of the body / Jai mal auaux Talking about sport Using Il faut Healthy eating Using the future tense Making plans to get fit / Describing levels of fitness Music S1/2 Solo Performing/Christmas music The S1/2 music course this term focuses on solo performing, and also performing in the way of preparing some music for the Christmas concert Pupils will be required to document their practice regime on both instruments, including target setting and goals. Teacher input will come in the form of short discussions with the pupil and help will be given both musically and in goal setting. Although there will be no formal assessment, pupils will be expected to show improvement over the duration of this term. A video recording of individual and group performances will be made for pupils to self-assess and peer assess with the aim to identify strengths and areas for improvement Pupils will also perform as a group for the Christmas concert. They will be expected to work together, and at times unsupervised to successfully rehearse and perform an item for this years event.
  7. 7. S3/4 Instrumental Music - History/Solo Performing S3 Pupils will be completing a Classical-style composition. This will be the first assessed composition in their portfolio this year and will be the first of two compositions to complete the unit. Both S3 and S4 will also be developing an understanding of Classical music concepts, which they will use when completing their composition. Finally, pupils will continue their studies in Performance. Pupils will regularly practise on two instruments and this will culminate in a performance day where pupils will perform to each other/teachers. They will self-reflect on their performance highlighting areas for improvement together with aspects they thought went well. I will be looking for participants for the Christmas Concert, and this is a good way to increase experience in performing and build confidence. Art & Design S1/2 Still Life continued... S3 Continuing with Shore for the Expressive Unit and Stronsay for Design Unit S4 Music-Based Still Life for Expressive Unit. Music Festival Poster for Design Unit. PE S1-S4 Football and gymnastics, and possibly introducing parkour.
  8. 8. Health and Wellbeing S1/2 As we continue to move through the year, this term in health and wellbeing the focus for learning will still be around the individuals mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. The programme this term will include work on: Restart a heart day and first aid Anti-bullying week International men's week Careers Substance misuse Media influences Your body They will as always be encouraged to celebrate success and look to the future in planning their own next steps, through the use of their logs and target setting. S2 will continue to have time to build their portfolio of evidence for the Achieve programme. S3/S4 As we continue to move through the year, this term in health and wellbeing the focus for learning will still be around the individuals mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. The programme this term will include work on: Restart a heart day and first aid Anti-bullying week International mens week Personal identity and stereotypes - links to LGBT Substance misuse alcohol awareness week They will as always be encouraged to celebrate success and look to the future in planning their own next steps using their logs and target setting. Support will also be available for the S4 group in helping them through the demands of the national 4 and 5 requirements; including prelims.