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PastWho plays games?Men and teenage boys tended to play games, they were interested in technology and had more time to use the computer.

How did people play games?No internet so therefore games were not downloadable easily onto computers. Games were physical products that were bought in a similar ways to DVDs. They were on a floppy disk or PC Rom that could be used on a home PC. An example of this would be:

What sort of games did people play?People played usually single player games, unless with someone else where they could select a multi-player games. There was no interaction with anyone outside of the same location. Institutions that produced these games were: Nintendo, Sega and Sony. PresentWho plays games?Today, the average age of a gamer is 35, there are additionally twice as many female gamers (33%) under the age of 18 than there are young male gamers under the age of 18 (15%).

How do people play games?56% of people stated that they frequently play games with others and 54% play multiplayer games a week.Additionally the amount of people using their mobile phones is huge, 960 million gamers play on their smartphones which is the population of north and south America combined.

What sort of games do people play?67 million people play league of legends monthly. 42% of Americans play video games for at least 3 hours per week. FutureWho plays games?Games will continue to reach both males and females. The age range for these products will continue to grow especially when more games and content can be accessed through mobile devices and other similar platforms. A more diverse audience will access games, resulting in the age of the audience to increase especially upwards.

How will people play games?The vast majority of games will be produced in a format where they can be accessed and played on every device. Less physical copies of the games will be sold in shops and through digital retailers as content will be available to purchase through download on the gaming device.

What sort of games will people play?Interactive games with people all across the world. Games with additional downloadable content such as Call of Duty will become more popular with more people spending money using this method. This will provide a greater source of income for institutions. The Games Industry- Past, Present and Future


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