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Primal Pictures Dentistry

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  • 1. Introducing Primal Pictures Dentistry

2. Enhancements to Platform Tutorial 3. Primal Pictures Landing Page 4. Tutorial Box how PP works 5. Main Page 6. Contents/Search, Index, bookmarks Contents NavigationDescriptive Text and LinksLayers/Slices, Rotation and ZoomView and Structure Browsing 7. Contents/Search, Index, Bookmarks 8. Layers, Rotation, Zoom and Output 9. Cross Section of a Molar (browsing) 10. MRI and Model 11. Slides 12. Slides 2 13. Movies 14. Animations 15. Dentistry 16. Searching example Gingivitis 17. Please Log-Off!! Use the red X in the right hand corner whenyour done so everyone can use it.

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