Propaganda posters

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  • SPONGE:What do you think when you see this image?

    Good Morning!EQ: How was propaganda used to influence people?HW: None

  • PROPAGANDAPropaganda- anything meant to convince you to act or feel a certain wayBias- picking or choosing facts that support your ideas and ignoring those that do not.Political- relating to the government

  • CHARACTERISTICS OF PROPAGANDABasic Message- the main idea of what the advertiser is saying

    Visual image: Objects and pictures that the advertiser uses to get your attention.

  • CHARACTERISTICS OF PROPAGANDACatchy Words- Words or phrases used to catch your attention

    Slogans: The title or catchy phrase that is used as the primary message

  • DIRECTIONS- PROPAGANDA POSTERSYou are creating your own propaganda poster today. Make sure to use some of the techniques you learned today:Basic MessageVisual ImageCatchy WordsSlogans

  • TOTD- ABC Summary