Reading activities in the TEFL classroom

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Reading Activitiesin the TEFL ClassroomGeneral Reading Activities</p> <p>Here are some general reading activities:</p> <p>Ordering the Text Cut up the reading text with a pair of scissors and give a copy to each student or pair of students. Ask them to put the sections into the correct order check their answers.</p> <p>Gap-fill Take a reading text and delete certain words. Ask students to fill in the gaps with an appropriate word in context.</p> <p>Create a Title Give students a reading text. Delete the title/heading. Ask students to read the text and give it a title or heading of their own.</p> <p>Generating Questions Once the topic of a text has been discussed, get your students to write their own questions about the text for other tudents.</p> <p>For the full article, visit:</p>