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Welcome to COMM 202T26 & T33Tutorial 5Week 7: Resume/Peer Review Austin SmithDisconnect from technology please

Breathing Exercise

Opening LessonTo allow ourselves to be truly in touch with where we already are, no matter where that is, we have got to pause in our experience long enough to let the present moment sink in; long enough to actually feel the present moment, to see it in its fullness, to hold it in awareness and thereby come to know and understand it better.

Jon Kabatt-Zinn

Todays Key Learning'sAgenda

TA FeedbackResume Peer ReviewAction Items

TA Feedback!


Resume Peer Review!


Put your documents in a pile in the middle of the tableGet out your marking utensils

Each new slide section, PASS DOCUMENT TO THE RIGHT

Peer Review - Instructions

To get the interview7

Header/FormattingMargins equal (1 inch)Aligned bullet pointsFont size/type (size 10) (used throughout document) (max of 2)Periods or no periodsDashes (-)/hyphens() Section spacingRight aligned datesTitle consistencyName (given/preferred)Dates consistency (month and year or just year)

Numbers are spelled out (i.e. two vs. 2)

White space is it easy to read?

All written in 3rd person


LinkedIn URL (Personalized)



Profile/Key Competencies No more then 5 lines for key competencies (4 for profile)LanguagesSkills/strengths/experiencesBranded to job postingIs the profile linked with proof elsewhere in the resume

EducationBCom not BCOMMLocation of schoolStart with degreeKey courses, but no grocery listsGPA (cumulative or quantitative courses only)Key/relevant projects accomplishment statement formAwards accomplishment statement form

Transfer schools how to list themExchange programs how to list themGPA (show the scale)/%/letter grades based on how the school give gradesCSC/CFA, Level 1, Bloomberg Essentials, MDACase competitions (balance the real estate)

Work Experience/Extra-CurricularVaried result verbs (no more than 2 the same)Branded to job posting (skills relevant)Reverse chronological order (by start date)Explanation sentences of companies/experiencesProof where possible result verb based

One sentence (2 lines best)Filler wordsRAT statements (not in that order but need all parts of the RAT)What qualifies as work vs. extra-curricularWords from job description in the resume clear connection

Work Experience Examples


InterestsBe able to speak extensively about the topics you put hereand be interestedSpecifics draw them inDifferentiateWell rounded (physical/creative/worldly-ness)BE FUN!! But appropriate


BrandingPersonal qualifications are well tailored to requirements of job (clear 60-70% match)Multiple words from job description are included in resume (5+)Interests section show personality and relevant specific interestsThere is strong evidence of CAN-WANT-FIT match made


IntegrationPersonal style is consistent across both Resume & Cover Letter


The Wow FactorImpressive? Hmm factor?What was good about it?What should they work on?Would you have interviewed them?


BCC News

202 Reminders

Resume and Cover Letter is due on Tuesday, March 8th @ 1:59 PM via Turnitin

LinkedIn Profile is due before next tutorial

Networking Event on March 10th 2016

Sign up for Office Hours!

Full list of eligible workshops on Connect!

TD Bank Info Session February 25 12:30 1:50 pm

EY Emerging Leaders Program March 23 5:00 PM 6:30 PM

Due at 2 pm on october 16th! Not midnight17

Closing LessonThrough it all, we attempt to bring balance to the present moment, understanding that in patience lies wisdom, knowing that what will come next will be determined in large measure by how we are now.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Be present