Sensory Detail: The Cave

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1. Sensory DetailThe Cave 2. What do I see?The cavewas pitchblack. Asdark as thenight skywithout anystars.Crystalclear water.Sticky, silkycobwebs.Dark greensquishy, slimymould.Dark brownnarrow cavewalls.Smallglimpse oflight.A long,orange,venomoussnake. 3. What do I hear?The softsqueak of amouse.Slow,repetitive,waterdroplets. Itsounds likea wet rainyday.Endless echoof my voicecalling hello.The sound ofcrumblingrocksbreaking offthe cavewalls. Crunchingleaves undermy feet. The faintslithering of asnake 4. What do I Smell? I can smellthe terriblestench ofthe mould. I smelledthe saltywater in thedamp cave.The surroundings smelleddamp and old with age.The mould on the cave wallssmelled like a swamp 5. What do I Feel? I feel eighthairy legscrawling onmy neck.I can feel thesmoothscales of asnakewrappingaround myankles.Ice-cold water.Goosebumpsall over mybody from thecrisp coldbreeze. I feel the uneven,rough, bumpy, sharp,spiky, jagged edges ofthe cave walls 6. What do I Taste?The bland tasteof saliva.The stale,humid air.The bitter tasteof the coldmuddy water.The salty tastefrom the tearsthat rolleddown mycheek.The wet moistair.