Seven Ways to increase Wealth and - Win Allah's Love

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  • Seven Ways to Increase Wealth and Win Allahs Love

    DiscoverU 2015 Page 1

    Youre either a master of money or you become its slave

    Have you ever missed out an important family gathering or community event because

    you had to work? Or because you were short on money?

    How many times have you made a decision a decision to move away from your family

    and friends, or a decision to dedicate weeks, months or years of your life to study

    something, so you could get a job? For the sake of money?

    Wouldnt it be amazing if you could get money to serve you and make your life better

    rather than you using up your life to get money?

    What if you could use money to do whatever you want whenever you want, rather than

    have money dictate what you can and cant do? As if money is a master over you.

    Telling you what to do, where to go and how to spend your time.

    But then how do you do that? You would need to be very wealthy, right?

    But is it ok to pursue dunya like that?

    Wouldnt having so much in the dunya put our deen in danger? Isnt there a conflict

    between wealth and religion?

    In this short e-book, Im going to show you that not only is there no conflict, but there

    are ways to increase wealth and win the love of Allah subhanahu wa taala. Straight

    from the Quran and Sunnah.

    You dont need to choose between success in this world and the hereafter. You can

    have both.

    In this book, in sha Allah taala, Im going to show you how.

    Whats your Number One goal?

    To begin, I want to tell you the story about a brother I know.

    I was doing this goal-setting workshop, where I would ask people, Whats your number

    one goal?

  • Seven Ways to Increase Wealth and Win Allahs Love

    DiscoverU 2015 Page 2

    There was this brother who was always going around telling people, I want to get

    married; could you help find me a wife?

    He came up to me after the lecture and he winks at me and goes, "Hey Muhammad...

    I go, What?

    Do you know what's number one on my list?" He winks at me again.

    And then I go, "What? Is Jannah number one on your list?"

    Then his face went a little red as he said, No

    And then he was embarrassed to say that marriage was number one on his list.

    An interesting lesson I learned from there, whether were talking about the topic of

    money or the topic of marriage or whatever youre involved in, is that your number one

    goal must always be Jannah. It must always be paradise.

    Your number one goal must always be pleasing Allah subhanahu wa taala.

    Because, for example, if your number one goal is Jannah and your number two goal is

    buying a house, then you are not going to buy a house with interest or a riba mortgage.


    Because your number one goal is Jannah. So youre not going to compromise that with

    a number two goal because you care more about paradise than about getting in this

    house with interest.

    If Jannah was your number one goal and your number two goal was getting married,

    then youre obviously going to look for a spouse that helps you and guides you to


    Now lets look at the topic of money. What if seeking money was not your number one

    goal, it was your number two goal and your number one goal was Paradise? Can you

    see how, for example, it would lead you to reading a book like this? And how you can

    bring the two together in sha Allah?

    So let me get started right off the bat and get right into the topic

  • Seven Ways to Increase Wealth and Win Allahs Love

    DiscoverU 2015 Page 3

    Ways to increase your wealth and win Allahs love

    Technique #1: Asking Allah for forgiveness

    The first technique is asking Allah for forgiveness and coming back to Allah.

    Prophet Nuh, alayhi salam called his people to Allah for 950 years. He did it publicly,

    he did it privately, he did it openly---he used all different techniques. He did it for all

    these years, and his dawah was:

    And (Nuh) said, 'Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is ever a Perpetual Forgiver.

    - Quran 71:10

    Nuhs people asked, What do we get if we ask for forgiveness? What do we get if we

    turn back to Allah?

    Then Nuh alayhi salam says

    He will send [rain from] the sky upon you in [continuing] showers and give you increase

    in wealth and children and provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers. - Quran


    He made this promise to them:

    He said, if you repent to Allah subhanahu wa taala, if you turn back to Allah,

    "He will send down the rains from the Heavens.

    In other words, their livestock, their agriculture would benefit from the water coming


  • Seven Ways to Increase Wealth and Win Allahs Love

    DiscoverU 2015 Page 4

    And He would give you increase of wealth.

    Now, I want to pause here for a moment and make a point right here.

    For all those people out there, who think there is a contradiction between Islam and

    money, I want to ask:

    How could Prophet Nuh tell the people that if they ask for forgiveness, Allah would give

    them increase in their wealth, if there was a contradiction between wealth and religion?

    Think about it.

    So the first way to increase your wealth and win Allahs love is through asking Allah

    subhanahu wa taala for forgiveness. Basically turning back to Allah azza wa jal.

    Technique # 2: Fulfilling ties of kinship

    The second technique is a way to make more money in a way that is actually going to

    make Allah subhanahu wa taala love you more.

    And that is by fulfilling ties of kinship.

    Call your mom and say, How are you doing mom? I love you.

    Or visit your relatives back home or going to your cousin who you havent seen for a

    long time and saying Hey, lets go out for tea.

    When you fulfill ties of kinship, Allah subhanahu wa taala blesses you in your wealth.

    The Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, as reported by Anas radhi Allahu anhu,

    in Bukhari and Muslim:

    "Whoever wants to have increase in his provision and to live long, should honour

    his ties with his blood relatives.

    The Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that whoever wishes that Allah

    subhanahu wa taala blesses them with provisions and blesses them with long life,

    should fulfill the ties of kinship.

  • Seven Ways to Increase Wealth and Win Allahs Love

    DiscoverU 2015 Page 5

    So for example, lets say youre about to get into a business deal or youre about to go

    to a job interview, what do you do pre-interview?

    Now, no non-Muslim would tell you this, but Im telling you, before you go into the job

    interview, call your mom or go visit some relatives and be kind to them.

    Be kind to them and ask Allah subhanahu wa taala, "Oh Allah, because of my kindness

    to my relatives, increase me in my rizq or sustenance."

    So thats Technique #2, fulfilling ties of kinship or extending out and maintaining and

    honouring ties of kinship.

    Technique # 3: Business

    Technique #3 is to start your own business.

    Allah subhanahu wa taala has forbidden riba and has made it haram.

    A lot of people, when they think of making money they think of putting their money in a

    savings account at the bank where they can collect interest. Or they think of mutual

    funds where theyre dealing with companies who deal in interest.

    Theres a whole bunch of riba involved in that.

    But Im telling you, why dont you start your own business?

    Because Allah subhanahu wa taala says,

    "Allah has made bay (business transactions, i.e. buying and selling) halal, and made

    riba (interest) haram. - Quran 2:275

    If you look at the list of the wealthiest people in the world, youll see that 90-95% of

    them are business owners.

    Because Allah subhanahu wa taala says wealth is here. Its in the business.

  • Seven Ways to Increase Wealth and Win Allahs Love

    DiscoverU 2015 Page 6

    There was somebody who was asking me once about how their parents were

    encouraging them to buy a house on interest otherwise theyll be poor.

    So I said, and Im going to swear by Allah here, Allah will never put the secret of

    success in something that He forbade or has made haram.

    Thats a gem right there. You can write it in gold.

    So if anybody ever tells you that youll only become wealthy if you deal in riba, if you

    deal in interest, then they have lied to you. They have lied to you out of ignorance or

    whatever it is because Allah subhanahu wa taala will never put success in something

    that He has made haram.

    If you do see some people being successful with it, theyre being set up and youre

    being set up. Its a test from Allah subhanahu wa taala.

    Its just like the people of the Sabbath whom Allah forbade from fishing on Saturday.

    They did it anyway because all the fish were coming on Saturday. It was a test from

    Allah subhanahu wa taala. Because of their transgression, because of their sin, Allah

    made the fish come on Saturd