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<ul><li><p>MindMingle- A place where Multiple Minds mingle </p><p>SHARING &amp; LEARNING (11th Program) </p><p>25th - 28th August 2016, Santiniketan, West Bengal </p><p>An innovative approach to Learn &amp; improve quality education, leadership &amp; administrative practices and </p><p>implementing changes</p><p>MM Sharing &amp; Learning? </p><p>Mind Mingle Sharing &amp; Learning is a movement initiated by Mind Mingle team for creating opportunities for school leaders to learn </p><p>the best educational practices from the most creative &amp; top schools in India &amp; abroad through practical school visits and group </p><p>discussions. Hundreds of schools have been benefitted from this initiative. </p><p>The core of this educational initiative lies on sharing and learning. As we believe that every school/school leader follows some different excellent practices, some schools are good at teacher retention some are good at parent involvement some are do ing great in academics where some are good at co-curricular activities and so on. We believe that if every school starts to share its best practices with other schools, it will certainly bring an immense change and make every school equally good. </p><p>Objectives: To make school leaders experience the various innovative practices being followed by the most creative &amp; top schools of </p><p>the country. </p><p> To create an environment where school leaders can share with and learn from one another the best practices they have been implementing in their own schools. </p><p> To help schools develop a good relationship with maximum schools for future educational collaborations </p><p>Tagore's ideas for creating a system of education aimed at promoting international co-operation and creating global citizens. The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence. At first, children must gather knowledge through their life because children are in love with their life, and it is their foirst love. All its color and movement attract their eager attention,and then they will renounce their lives to gain knowledge. Children should be surrounded with the things of nature which have their own educational value. Their mind should be allowed to stumble upon and surprised at everything that happens in todays life. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore </p></li><li><p>MindMingle- A place where Multiple Minds mingle </p><p>This Four day program includes the following: </p><p>1. Visits to two different schools: </p><p> Visit to One of the Most Creative School in India Patha Bhavana, Santiniketan founded by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore in 1901 . </p><p> Visit to Mrinalini Ananda Pathsala, Santiniketan founded in 1954. Its a part of Patha Bhavana. </p><p> Visit to a School of New Thought The Levelfield School Started by IIT &amp; IIM alumnus in rural Bengal </p><p>2. Sessions with the Head of respective visiting schools </p><p>3. Sharing of best Educational Practices: An opportunity to present a 10 minute paper on the best educational practice of your school </p><p>4. Local Sightseeing &amp; Traditional food with Cultural Activities </p><p>School Visits (Working Days): </p><p> One of the greatest Educational Philosopher Sri Rabindranath Tagores School: Patha Bhavana </p><p> Patha Bhavana is an institution of primary and secondary education in Santiniketan, West Bengal founded by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore in 1901. Started with only five students, the school is characterized by its philosophy of learning with the heart in closeness to nature without any superficial barriers between teachers and students, as opposed to the strict, repetitive and the rote learning system. Often referred to as an ashram system </p><p> This school is the manifestation of Tagore's ideas of education. Its unique features are open-air classes, personal contact between teachers and the taught and training in self-government etc. Besides curricular performance emphasis is given on co-curricular activities aiming to unfold a child's personality through social, literary, artistic, musical and various other activities. </p><p> The school has a number of committees such as the Environment Committee ("Paribesh Bibhag"), Health Committee ("Swastho Bibhag"), Justice Committee ("Bichar bibhag"), Food Committee ("Ahar Bibhag"), Literary Committee ("Sahitya Bibhag") etc. that govern and make decisions on matters related to student body. Apart from all this the school has a number of publications. One such publication is the quarterly news-paper "Resonance", which is entirely planned and executed by the senior students of the school. </p><p> Visit to Mrinalini Ananda Pathsala, Santiniketan </p><p> Ananda Pathsala, a non-residential nursery school for the children of teachers, staff and alumni of Visva-Bharati started functioning in 1954 with 20 students. In the year of Tagore's Birth Centenary Ananda Pathsala was renamed after the Poet's wife Mrinalini Ananda Pathsala. It is housed in the two homes lived in by the Tagores - "Natun Bari" and "Dehali" in the Asrama, at the end of the famous Salbithi. Every effort is made to make learning as tension-free as possible aided by opportunities for self-expression through music, dance, drawing and crafts. </p><p></p></li><li><p>MindMingle- A place where Multiple Minds mingle </p><p> Visit to a very unique and creative CBSE School, A school of New Thought The Levelfield School </p><p> The Levelfield School, a school that pretty much, like Phunsukh Wangdu in the iconic movie Three Idiots, is raising a group of young children and asking them to follow their dreams. The Levelfield Schools affiliated to CBSE is an award-winning initiative to provide affordable, yet high-quality education to the students in non-metro-city areas. The world-class education imparted by these schools provides a level-playing field to the students. School is having 1680 students from LKG to Class Xll. </p><p> The Levelfield School combines earth-architecture based ashramic ambience with a state-of-the-art, modern learning infrastructure. There are activity-based learning kits for junior classes, a library with books of all genres, and a large collection of movies and educational documentaries. However, the biggest difference is the teaching method used in the classrooms. Levelfield classes are much richer than the traditional lecture format. To better develop useful life-skills, school integrate debates, discussions and role plays into the curriculum. </p><p>Mr. Arghya Banerjee: Founder The Levelfield School: Origin of The Levelfield School Arghya, the founder of Levelfield, is an IIT-IIM alumnus. He is the former Co-Head of Irevna. When Arghya Banerjee's daughter was about school-going age, he and his wife Asima, began searching for a good school. Most schools they visited advertised their advanced infrastructure. None pitched their teaching philosophy. While the frustration of finding a good school for his daughter was the ultimate trigger for him. A year later Arghya quit a high-flying job -- he was co-head at Irevna, a research firm, now part of CRISIL -- to start the levelfield School. Focus on developing skills, rather than acquiring degrees. Arghya had always wanted to fundamentally change the ways children learn or acquire knowledge in Indian schools. When we look back at our own school days, sometimes we feel we wasted a lot of time memorizing useless facts. Did we really need to memorize in which year the third battle of Panipat happened? Banerjee wanted to set up the IIT/IIM of kindergarten-class 12 (K-12) educations, focused on delivering knowledge through learning. </p><p>Features of Levelfield School: </p><p> Proprietary pedagogy: Classes are much richer than the traditional lecture format. To make topics come alive, </p><p>school use selected movie-clips, documentaries and literature. For junior classes, school use a blend of practical, activity based learning, and stimulating analytical applications. The innovative teaching methods, combined with alternative seating arrangements allow both freedom of movement and thought. </p><p> Intense focus on skill building: At Levelfield, teaching methodologies to ensure learning with understanding. Thinking-orientation is a constant theme in levelfield school </p><p> Application-oriented learning: In real world - in career and life, the answers children memorize in school do not take them very far. One needs to develop the ability to think, analyze, and communicate. At levelfield school, teachers encourage the students to connect learning to real-world, by constantly asking application-oriented questions. Innovative in-class-exercises and out-of-class projects sharpen the minds of the students, rather than their memory. </p><p></p></li><li><p>MindMingle- A place where Multiple Minds mingle </p><p>Sharing of best Educational practices of Participating Schools: </p><p> An opportunity to share your expertise with other participants and to know about the expertise of others: Since this is a gathering of educational practitioners, here group discussions are really meaningful. </p><p> Ten participating schools with some best/unique educational practices (chosen by Team Mind Mingle) will get opportunity </p><p>to present a 10 minute paper. Every school is unique with at least one educational practice; why not take an advantage to </p><p>learn from the people like yourself and to share what you are good at? </p><p>Local sightseeing: Visit to Tagore Ashram, Rabindra Bhavan, Museum etc </p><p>Accommodation: Comfortable stay on Double sharing basis at Camellia Hotel &amp; Resort </p><p>Program Dates: 25th 28th August 2016 </p><p>Number of Seats: 25 seats (First come basis) 2 seats are reserved for Govt schools or NGOs that work for underprivileged children &amp; do not charge any fee from students 50% </p><p>discount on the fee. </p><p>Investment: INR 30000/- per person-with accommodation on double sharing basis* INR 10500/- extra in case participant needs non-sharing accommodation (*Double sharing rooms are limited and will be subjected to availability) </p><p>Early bird Registration: INR 28000/- till 30</p><p>th June 2016 </p></li><li><p>MindMingle- A place where Multiple Minds mingle </p><p>The Program fee includes the following: </p><p> Three night accommodation during the Program on twin sharing basis. Transport (A/C buses) for visiting the schools Lunch, Dinner &amp; Breakfast during the program Stationary </p><p>Fee Doesnt Include: Any expenses of personal nature such as tips, portage, telephone, beverages etc. Airport transfer Breakfast on 25th August &amp; Dinner on 28th August (in case of early arrivals or late departure) Any other item not included under the Cost includes column </p><p>Special NOTE: </p><p> Meant for School Principals, Owner Managers and administrators only. </p><p> Group Size: 25 ( First come basis) </p><p> Please study about the schools we are going to visit before confirming your participation. </p><p> Program includes 5 Hours of Road travel from Kolkatta to Santiniketan by bus &amp; Return. </p><p> Cancellation: </p><p> In case of a cancellation 30 days before the commencement of the event 100% fee will be refunded </p><p> In case of a cancellation less than 30 days prior to the commencement of the event 50% of the total fee will be </p><p>refunded </p><p> In case of a cancellation less than 15 days prior to the commencement of the event, no fee will be refunded. </p><p>Registration: A scanned copy of a duly filled Registration form has to be mailed to or Once the dully filled registration form is received, the selected participants will receive a confirmation call in next 2 working days. After confirmation, Cheque/Demand Draft favoring Mind Mingle payable at New Delhi, should be sent to: Mind Mingle, B-6, Basement, Cabin no 5, Kalkaji, New Delhi- 110019. The participation will be confirmed once the duly filled registration form along with the cheque/demand draft is received by us. </p><p>Online Payment Details: Name: Mind Mingle Account Number: 085705000888 Bank: ICICI bank, Sec 35, Faridabad. RTGS/NEFT/IFSC code: ICIC0000857 </p><p>Information Source: Know more about us on:, Visit our Facebook page: </p><p>For Queries: Shakeel Ahmad : 09999964282/ 011-49059358 Dipankar Maity : 09555655825/ 011-49057358 Email: </p><p></p></li></ul>


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