Social Media 2014 - Just do it

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A set of slides to support a workshop focused on showing the power of using social media in education for professional learning and classroom activities. Most sections on pages are hyperlinked.

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  • Apologies before we start #1 I have been using social media since 2009. ! My passion about it makes me talk quickly.
  • Apologies before we start #2 This session is not evidenced by academic research. ! It is backed by 5 years of personal experience.
  • Social Media and Me Before: After:
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  • Playtime ber Helpful Link ber Awesome Educators My World The Tool
  • Twitter ber Awesome Educators
  • Facebook ber Awesome Groups
  • Fabulous Pages and Groups
  • Instagram ber Awesome Grammers
  • EduGrammers
  • Pinterest ber Awesome Pinners
  • Pintastic Educators
  • Google+ ber Awesome Communities
  • Google+ Communities
  • Zite & Flipboard This one is all about you Pick topics that interest you. Flip-a-holics guide
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