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This is a case study provided by the team of Spem Communications - Exclusive Partner-Agency of WorldCommForum in Slovenia! SPEM Communications is an agency specialized in strategic communications consulting and implementation of communications projects. It operates since 1986 and prides itself with a treasury of knowledge and experiences in the fields of communications and public relations in a wide area, with partner links in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and most other countries of South-Eastern Europe, Austria, and Britain.


<ul><li> 1. SPEMCommunicationsCreating stories since 1986.SPEM Communications is an agency, specialized in strategic communicationsconsulting and implementation of communication projects. It operates since 1986and prides itself with a treasury of knowledge and experiences in the fields ofcommunications and public relations.</li></ul> <p> 2. Creative stories with Maribor Public LibraryMaribor Public Library, which consists of 18 units in 12 municipalities, was lacking library material,staff, and appropriate facilities and was considering shutting down some of library units. After 20years of free membership, as a final resort, the Library Board took a decision of implementing amembership fee.SPEM Communications 3. Creative stories with Maribor Public LibraryIntroduction of membership fee in Maribor city Library meant a significant change in librarybusiness operation, it demanded an employee mind reset and it contributed to undermining of thefundamental library mission.SPEM Communications 4. Creative stories with Maribor Public LibraryFrom the communication point of view the introduction of membership fee in the Maribor publiclibrary was recognized by the Slovenian Society for Public Relations and was awarded with Prizmaaward. Slovenian Association of Public Libraries also recognized the achievements of the MariborPublic Library and they were given a special award for the most innovative project in the last twoyears.SPEM Communications 5. Creative stories with PetrolPetrol, one of the largest Slovenian oil distributing company which has 469 petrol stations inSlovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, in past years wenttrough disturbing management changes. After the circumstances calmed and the managementboard was again stabile, the company found its crucial to connect and unify all Petrols employees.The solution were new Values and Code of Ethics.SPEM Communications 6. Creative stories with PetrolPetrol employees participated in defining new values for all 6 markets. Values and Code of Ethicswere translated from Slovene to Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Montenegrinlanguage.Respect, Trust, Excellence, Creativity and Fortitude unites people over 496 gas stations in 6countries and other employees in Petrol.SPEM Communications 7. Creative stories with PetrolValues are very much alive and involved in every segment of Petrol. This way employees live thestory that they created.SPEM Communications 8. Creating stories since 1986.SPEM CommunicationsFind us on:www.spem.siwww.facebook.com/SPEMKomunikacijeTwitter: SPEMKomLEGAL EXPLANATION: This document is intended for the addressee only. Unauthorized distribution or disclosure of the contents of the document can be a criminal offense.SPEM reserves all moral and material rights to the submitted document and conceptual content, it is presented. Abuse of these rights is a crime.In the event that the principal contractor, and participation in, or the customer buys paper, belong to all the substantive rights of the document and presented it in conceptual content of the recipient who may dispose of it according to his conscience. </p>