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Stage 1 General Information Note Term 1, 2015HomeworkHomework will start in week 4. The books that will come home for home reading are books that are used on a daily basis for teaching in the classroom. Please assist your child to remember that their green, blue or clear folder must come to school every day.

MedicationsAll medications must be organised with the front office. Please do not send students to school with any medication in their bag.If you have important medical information regarding your child, could you please pass on the updated details to the front office staff. If your child has anaphylaxis, asthma or acsia, we require an action plan developed in conjunction with and signed off on by your GP

AttendanceFor the benefit of all children, parents and carers should ensure their child attends school regularly. School starts at 8:55am please try to arrive before this to allow students to settle and do any morning jobs i.e. lunch orders.Any absence from school needs to be explained within seven days of the absence. Please send a written, dated and signed note to your class teacher. If you are running late in the morning, please fill in a late slip in the front office and give it to the teacher. If you need to collect your child early for some reason, you must also complete a form at the front office and give that note to the class teacher. If your child is to be away for a longer duration of time, please notify the front office in order to fill out the appropriate forms.

LabellingPlease label every item of clothing that might be removed (hats, jumpers) and other belongings (lunch box, drink bottle). This way any lost property can be returned to your child.

Lost PropertyThere are two yellow bins in the lobby outside Mrs Wagners classroom that may contain your childs lost item.

Fruit BreakPlease remember that students need a small piece of fruit each morning, already cut up in small pieces.

ScriptureStudents have been placed in the same Scripture group as last year. If you would like to make any changes to the Scripture group that your child attends, please send a note to the office. Ethics classes will be offered to both Year 1 and Year 2 students.

Head LiceUnfortunately these can be a common occurrence! We recommend that you regularly check your childs hair. As infestations can be quite common in primary schools, it is best to use a treatment that can be used over time. There is no single solution to eradication, only persistence.

Excursions/IncursionsIncursion : Floating on a Sea of Stories - Monday 9th March (Week 7)Incursion : Science of Sound Show Thursday 26th March (Week 9)Excursion : TERM 2 : Field of Mars - Tuesday 2nd June (Week7) Yr 2 Wednesday 27th May (Week 6) Yr 1Life Education : Healthy Harold will be visiting us in week 3.

Easter EventsYear 1 will be participating in the Easter Hat Parade and year 2 will be part of the Egg Decorating Competition. This will be held in week 10, 2nd April, 2015.

Money and NotesAll notes with money are to be handed in at the front office. All other notes go straight to the classroom teacher.

Communicating With TeachersIf you wish to discuss your childs progress or any queries or concerns, please organise an interview with your teacher at a mutually agreeable time.Parent Teacher Interviews: A formal week has been set aside for Week 10.Teacher Emails All emails are to be addressed to the school. These will then be passed onto the class teacher. Individual teachers may wish to hand out their emails at their own discretion.

Assemblies Starting Term 2Assemblies will not commence until Term 2. This allows the students to spend Term 1 practising singing and assembly routines in preparation for Term 2. All classes will still have the opportunity to run an assembly with parents informed of their childs performance through the classroom teacher. The set number of class awards will still be handed out by the classroom teacher at singing every alternate week.

Classroom Access

Students and parents are NOT to access classrooms without the presence of a teacher.


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