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  • 1. Thats my city By Buonarroti school Corsico (MI) Italy
  • 2. We live in a small town called Corsico, near Milan. It's located in the north of Italy. There are the 20 regions in Italy, the red one is Lombardia .
  • 3. Rome is the capital city of Italy. Near Milan, there are a lot of lakes. The most popular is the lake of Como . This is Garda lake, the largest in Italy. There are some mountains in Italy. The highest is in the north of Italy, the Monte Bianco, 4810 metres high
  • 4. This is our coat of arms. Corsico main street is called Via Cavour . There is a church called San Pietro e Paolo and it's the most important of all.
  • 5. This is the Duomo of Milan. A cathedral located in the centre of the city. The biggest and most famous theatre in Milan is la Scala. The most famous university is Universit Cattolica.
  • 6. There is Corsico's patron saint festival. The festival starts on the second Sunday of September and finishes on the second Monday. There is a market with stalls where people sell sweets and crafts.
  • 7. In Italy there is an important city of fashion: Milan, near where we live. People often go shopping in the centre of Milan, Duomo Square. The most important clothes brands are: Giorgio Armani Dolce & Gabbana Gucci
  • 8. In Corsico there are many green parks where you can play and have fun with your friends and this is one of the positive aspects. We also can find everything we need here. There are lots of negative aspects in Corsico, such as the fog, the smog and not all the people are very friendly takes one hour and half to get to the sea and the beacheswe would like to see the sea everyday! What is positive and negative in our city Bye friends! See you soon