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  • 1. The Middle Ages A.K.A. The medieval Times.By Edwin Huynh 5/6C

2. What are the Middle Ages? The Middle Ages is a period of 10 centuries starting from the year 400AD all the way till the 1500s! Thats an amazingly huge amount of time!The middle ages was when knights in suits of shining armour fought each other in furious battles risking their life to protect their kingdom! There were castles and catapults, all very exciting inventions back then. 3. Castles A castle is a fort holding residences and noble people. Castles usually have thick stone walls used to defend these residences from fierce battles. Castles are huge and have many parts in it including a village, a moat and turrets! 4. Construction of CastlesBefore the construction of the castle begins, the king decides to select a spot to build the castleLets build the castle here!Great spot, Sir!I agree! 5. Construction of Castles After more people participate to join in the kingdom, they begin building the castleGet on with the work guys!Commandin g seems like fun 6. Construction of Castles After the castle is built, they dig out the moat.Moat 7. Construction of Castles The moat is filled with water.Wate rFill it with water!Looks like an excellent swimming pool! 8. Castle InteriorLiquid GrapesMoat The most, usually filled with water is used to stop people getting into the castleDrawbridge The drawbridge is a bridge that can be opened or closed using pulleys made out of ropes or chains.Turrets These stone towers on the corners of the castle are used for archers/snipers to shoot down enemy soldiers. 9. Castle InteriorCathedral This is a place of praise and worship. The cathedral is commonly associated with he bishop.Village/ Houses This is where supporting people and soldiers live in.Liquid GrapesTavern/Bar This building is basically a refreshment place for residents and soldiers. People eat and drink here. Forge The forge is basically the blacksmiths workshop where he crafts armor and weaponry for the soldiers. 10. Castle InteriorWell The well is used o collect water, which is usually used for drinking and washing.Liquid GrapessOrnament Ornaments are used to make castles look more royal and expensive usually to intimidateThrone Room A very ornate place, where the king, queen, etc. live in. They eat, drink, sleep and make formal speeches.Stable This is where the horses are taken care of. Cavalry soldiers use the horses in here. 11. Parts of armor Helmet Helmets are used to protect the head, particularly when projectiles like arrows and cannonballs are being used.Left Hand: Assault A weapon (usually a sword or dagger) is used to attack opposing soldiers.Gauntlet The gauntlet is a leather or iron glove which is worn on the hand to protect it.Right Hand: Defending Usually a shield or hard gauntlet is used to defend the knight himself/herself.Gaiters Gaiters is a fancy word for leggings which protects your legs and feet. These are usually made of iron. 12. Parts of armorPauldrons The pauldron was worn to protect the shoulder area, sometimes covering a portion of the back.Chestplate The chestplate is used to protect your abdomen from incoming attacks.Boots This is used to protect feet from rough surfaces and falling down long depths. 13. Armor MaterialCloth Cloth is used particularly for decoration uses and can possibly be attached to weapons and shields.Leather Leather is used in some low-quality armor however more people prefer using leather for gloves and boots.Metal Usually bronze or steel, metals are a popular choice for armory because it is durable and hard. Its shiny texture also increases its popularity. 14. Armor MaterialEmbroidery Embroidery made out of gold or even diamonds were engraved onto armor to make it look more royal and expensive.Accessories Accessories were added to armor to make it look more graceful and unique. These accessories can compose of feathers, gems or emblems.Engravings Pictures, words or numbers were engraved into armor for luck, commemoration or grace. 15. Hand AssaultSword The sword was a well-known weapon used by many soldiers. It is used to stab, slice and puncture objects/soldiers.Flail The flail was a commonly used weapon by heavily armed and skilled soldiers. It is used like a whip but instead with a spiked ball on the end which can be used for heavy assault.Lance The lance was basically the advanced sword which was used when charging into enemies. Cavalry soldiers also used lances a lot. 16. Hand AssaultCrossbow The crossbow was an advanced version of the bow which launched arrows a lot more forcefully and efficiently.Hammer A very heavy weapon used to crush buildings and soldiers armour. The hammer was also a defensive weapon.Battleaxe Rather than the ordinary woodchopping axes, battleaxes are used to attack opposing soldiers. 17. Siege AssaultCatapult The catapult was used to launch projectiles, especially stones and pieces of metal towards castle, destroying walls and buildings.Battering Ram A very heavy weapon which used the front of the log to crush buildings and soldiers armour.Ballista The ballista was a large-scale version of the crossbow, firing a large spear having a rope attached to the rear of the spear. This acted like a grappling hook. 18. Becoming a Knight Step One: Wait Once a child was born, he or she would be cared by their mother before becoming seven years old. When they were seven, they could be trained. Step Two: Page When they were seven, they were given the title of a page. This meant real huntsmen and falconers taught them how to hunt. They also learnt religion and performed practice battles with wooden weapons. Step Three: Squire The page was given the title of a page at the age of fourteen. Being a squire, he could assist real knights in quests or battles. Step Four: Knight At the age of 21, the squire could then become a real knight himself and help defend their kingdom.