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By Daniel Barcus

"The Patient" Explication

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Me Explication of "The Tool" for Engl 1102 by Daniel Barcus

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By Daniel Barcus

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The symbolism, imagery, idiom, repetition, and hyperbole of the song work to explain the questions and struggles that come along with waiting.

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The song starts with the speaker groaning and questioning if he is being tested. He explains how there is a vampire that is draining the his patience and vitality. He is still giving blood to the vampire and keeping faith even though the “vampire act's a little old". The speaker is going to "wait it out" and mentions that he would have walked away from the path he is on if he knew that there were no rewards from waiting. The speaker then goes on to explain that if he had no desire to heal the "damaged and broken" met along his path that he is on he would have walked away from it. The speaker then urges to be patient and that he must keep reminding himself of this.

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The Patient with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfCL2ewraqo

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