Trap That Gingerbread Man

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Trap that Gingerbread Man

Trap that Gingerbread Man

Kinder Design Challenge

___________ needs a way to _________ because ______________________.PROBLEM STATEMENT

EMPATHIZE with the Gingerbread Man What do you know about Gingerbread Man?How does he move?How big is he?What does he like?What catches his attention?

RESEARCHSimple Machines

How might you use a simple machine to trap your gingerbread man.

RESEARCHHow could you use ideas from a leprechaun trap to design a trap to catch your Gingerbread Man?


Sketch out 5 DIFFERENT Trap ideas...

IDEATEAs a group, decide which trap you will make.CIRCLE your choice.

PROTOTYPE PART 1Look at the materials available.

As a group draw a more detailed drawing of your Gingerbread Man trap. Make sure to label the different parts.

PROTOTYPE PART 2Build your trap.Work together!

TESTTest out your trap.

EVALUATEDid your trap work?What would you change?How did your group work together?