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2. To Trench Warfare 3. Two Movements: Pan-German and Pan- Slavic Pan-German Movement- The hope of uniting all German speaking people. Pan-Slavic Movement- The hope of uniting al Slavic (Russian) speaking people. 4. Military was built up for two reasons: 1. Protect colonies 2. Peer Pressure They used a mandatory draft. Russia had the largest army Germany had the best trained soldiers Britain had the largest navy 5. Alliances- Partnerships with nations Central Powers- Germany, Austria, Ottoman Empire Allies- Britain, France, Russia, U.S. 6. Europe nations were competing for land. They believed that Bigger was Better Example: Africa, Bosnia, Alsace, Lorraine 7. To Why The U.S Entered WWI 8. Trenches were made to protect their positions and to cut down on losses Supplies were brought in at night 9. There were many problems in the trenches. Including: mud, rats, smell, body rot, cold, maggots, lice disease, and Trench Foot 10. Both sides used barb wire to protect themselves from soldiers trying to take over there trench Artillery was the only way to clear out barb wire 11. To The U.S In WWI 12. Germany promised not to sink merchant ships without first warming them and rescuing passengers Using this tactic, the Germans were sinking all sips headed for the Allies 13. The Lusitania was a passenger ship that was secretly carrying ammunition to the Allies A German submarine sank the ship 1,198 passengers died (128 American) President Wilson demanded Germany to apologize and pay damages 14. Zimmerman was a German official He sent a letter to Mexico asking them to attack U.S. In exchange, Mexico would get some land back in the U.S. 15. The U.S. attacked the Germans through the Argonne Forest It took 47 days and 1.2 million solders but the U.S. finally got supply lines cut off 16. Led the U.S. troops He eventually was able to push through Germany and make them surrender 17. By July 1918, the U.S. had 1 million troops in the war In Nov. the Allies captured high ground To The Treaty ofVersailles 18. Back To The Lobby 19. The Treaty of Versailles created the League of Nations. This organization of countries designed to maintain peace and stability. 20. The Treaty of Versailles divided up many countries including Russia, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire 21. The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany. The had to take full responsibility for the war and pay 33 billion dollars.