Using Technology to Work Smarter Not Harder

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<ul><li> 1. Did You Know 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. Using Technology to Work Smarter not Harder DAVID ADAM @DADAMLTPSANDREW ZUCKERMAN @AZUCK1PRESENTATION, NOTES AND CONTACT INFORMATION: HTTP://GOO.GL/EJ4OYL 3. What is your focus? Increasing Student Growth &amp; Development 4. Making the Shift Self Organized Learning Experience 5. Communication Parents Newsletters Blogs Facebook Auto dialers, etc. Student Council News and Events October 18th - CELEBRITY DAY - Students can dress up as their favorite celebrity. (All behavior and dress should be appropriate and follow all school rules). October 23rd - PINK DAY- Wear pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now thru November 12th - Homefront Thanksgiving Basket Collection - Here is a link to the items that are needed. Donations can be left outside of room 41. COMING SOON - A page on the LIS PTO website dedicated solely to student council events and activities. Keep your eye out! More information to follow soon!***We are requesting for 4th grade families to contribute 1 bag of individually wrapped candy.**** Please have your child bring the bag to school marked "4th Grade Fun Fest" and they can be left in the main office. Also if you would like to donate food (cookies, veggie/fruit trays, etc) please let Kim Lehrfeld ( know what you are bringing. You can drop items off in the main office on Friday October 18th or bring them with you to the event. 6. Communication Teachers Staff Handbook Grade Level/Department Meetings 7. Communication Students District Google Domain ( Assignments Homework Blogs 8. Communication Community Snipets Electronic Newsletters Email Blasts Local Patch 9. Weekly Lesson PlanSGOs ArtifactsMonday TuesdayObservationsWednesdayLesson PlansThursdayManagementTopic:FridayDataLearning Intention: SWBATCCSS 10. Breaking the Mold for Professional Learning Learning as your schedule permits Pre-recorded PD Twitter @web20classroom @edtopia @coolcatteacher @NMHS_Principal @mcpssuper @cybraryman1 RSS feeds Free Technology for Teachers Connected Principals- Larry Ferlazzo- 11. Emergency Management Auto Dialers Emergency call list to staff (Snow Chain) Emergency call list to families E-mail blastsPosting Procedures Electronic Acknowledgements</p>