“You can manage things but how about knowing how to manage people?”

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<ul><li><p>YOU CAN MANAGE THINGS BUT HOW </p><p>ABOUT KNOWING HOW TO MANAGE </p><p>PEOPLE?</p><p>A session at VJIM Hyderabad with Ms. Vijay Lakshmi, Head, L &amp; D, NspiraManagement Services and Mr. Phani Kumar, Manager HR, Kogentix on theimportance of HR in any organization</p><p>Things can be managed but a true manager is someone who knows how to managepeople, said Ms. Vijay Lakshmi, Head L &amp; D, Nspira Management Services at alatest seminar at Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad which wasaround the topic- "Role of HR in Organisational Citizenship Behavior (OCB).</p><p>http://vjim.edu.in/</p></li><li><p>Hosted for the PGDM students of the school by the HR</p><p>Committee, this 20th August seminar also had Mr. Phani</p><p>Kumar, Manager, HR, Kogentix interacting with the</p><p>students and taking their questions.</p><p>http://vjim.edu.in/pgdm/</p></li><li><p>Ms. Lakshmi explained how the role of an HR has come a long way inIndia and how it is evolving every single day. It isnt easy to handlethe Human Resource of a company because managing people is thetoughest job ever in the field of management, and theexpectation of theorganization on HR is high because now a days people not only wantsmart TV and mobile but also smart employees, exclaimed Ms. Lakshmi.</p><p>http://vjim.edu.in/pgdm-general/</p></li><li><p> The OCB interaction touched topics like-</p><p> a. Organizational Citizenship Behavior</p><p> b. Importance of HR in developing OCB</p><p> c. Understanding the impact of effectiveness ofOCB in organizations</p><p> Organizational Citizenship Behavior is somethingan individual plays independently within anorganization and unless you are trained in it orattentive towards it, you will not contribute to theoverall growth of the organization. To define it insimpler ways, OCB is a person's voluntarycommitment within an organization or companythat is not part of his or her contractual tasks.</p></li><li><p>Mr. Kumar simplified it for the students further by explaining how one can achieve OCB by following the below listed factors:</p><p> Altruism quality of unselfish concern of others Courtesy polite behavior Sportsmanship fairness in following rules Conscientiousness reasonable level of self-control Civic sense how well a person represents an organization</p></li><li><p>Anybody can perform well in work allotted to him/her, but a trueemployee is he who goes an extra mile to perform extraordinarily,said Manager, HR, Kogentix in his speech. Hes the successfulemployee and organization needs such people, Mr Kumar addedfurther.</p></li></ul>