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2. DIGIPACK When I first began making my digipack I noted down each measurement of each piece of artwork that I need to make for my digipack. This meant that I didnt have to keep going back to the template for reference. I kept a template of the digipack open in photoshop however and each time I completed a part of the digipack artwork I added it onto the template so that I could see the process of my digipack. To begin with I had a general theme of black and white that I was aiming to accomplish, but I began to run to of ideas according to the images I had taken, as they were all very similar. This was purposely as I intended to use many images together on one piece of artwork in order to achieve the opacity affect I have previously used on practise images. 3. DIGIPACK; In order to get each piece of artwork at the correct size, I used a custom size of my own, using the template sizes that are stated on the digipack template I have used for my digipack. I have done this for eight different sections of my digipack Front cover, back cover, left inside, spine, cd one and cd two. 4. Front Cover; For the front cover I used the opacity affect which I have previously used on some practise images I have taken. I used these images as I wanted to give the idea that people seem to put on loads of different personalities and fronts just to please people, but in the end you can only be one person and that person will shine through as you cant pretend to be somebody forever as you wont be able to keep it up and at some point the front will fall and true colours will show. One of the main conventions of an album front cover I found when dong research into ancillary texts is the use of the artists name and the album title, this is why I have added this information on my front cover so it conforms to the codes and conventions. I used the font I chose to use on which I chose to use in my planning process. In my next draft I think it is very important to spend a lot more time cropping out the background of these individual images in order for the hair to look more natural making the white parts around the individual images disappear. 5. Process; 6. Back Cover; For the back cover I found conventions included, licence information, record label logos, artist social media information and a track list of the tracks which are included on the CD. This is why I have included such information on my back cover of the CD. I have recently found that the idea of the six panel, two disk template is to have one CD featuring the album and the other CD featuring as a DVD with the music video that I am in the process of making. For my next draft I think it is important that I add information of the DVD onto my album back cover this is a convention of many album back covers which feature movies on them. I have added logos of record labels which are currently running, these are not my work and belong to Sony and Columbia records. I have also used the track list of the album which the chosen song I have created my music video is from Emile Sande Our Version of event. Also I found that a convention was to have a barcode on it. To begin with I did not plan to have an image on this part of my digipack however I believed that without an image it looked very minimalistic which is why I chose to add another image of my artist. 7. Process; 8. Left Inside; On the left inside I decided to use my original idea for my front cover as I believe that it carries all of the messages which I wanted it to. In the image I believe that the first thing the audience are drawn to is the eyes, this clearly shows natural beauty. The message I have encoded with this image is that no matter how much make up you plaster on your face you will always be naturally beautiful. The make up is the same as it was in the shoot for my back cover, this shows continuity across the digipak. This image I believe relates directly to my music video as it shows the contrast between two personalities within one being. Showing that due to the models age she isnt yet sure of exactly who she is. I think the model looks around the age of seventeen, the age where people begin to understand who they really are due to getting their own independence through college or work. Also people get more friends in wider society who may have an affect on shaping the individual. Due to the media and the wide range of media institutions pressuring females this shows that the model is confused and doesnt actually know who she is or who she wants to be. 9. Process; 10. CDs & Spine; For the CDs I did plan to have the idea of melted colours coming from the inside of the CD, melting towards the outside however after I have completed the first CD photoshop crashed on me, and deleted all of my work on the CDs, meaning I had to start again, due to the fact that I had a deadline I had to use a plan B and come up with a plain idea of a CD. Out of the whole digipack I beleve this lets my digpack down by a substantial amount. In the near future I am gong to do some extra research into CDs within a digipack as the CD that I made clearly doesnt look professional. I also looked back at my research for a second idea after my work deleted and found that I did no research into CDs. The spine is obviously another item I need to research into more detail to find conventions as it looks unprofessional and very minimalistic. 11. Process; 12. In Conclusion The first thing I am going to make the effort to put more work into is the CDs and spine on my digipack. I am then going to put the effort into looking at the positionings of images and the continuity of my digipack. This means I may change the idea of the front cover, or try to make it look more professional.