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A Unique Networking Experience through culture workshops ! - To connect /network/bond with like-minded people-To expand yourself socially and professionally-Satisfy your desire to learn something new-Understand and share the culture of the place

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  • 1. C u l t u r e T r a il s Unique Networking Experience through culture workshops !

2. Culture T rails What is it?Truly Fun Workshops!A means to connect /network/bond with like-minded peopleA means to expand yourself socially and professionallySatisfy your desire to learn something newUnderstand and share the culture of the place ..Pottery workshop Block-printing Body-Talk fun Photography workshop workshopmovement workshop 3. Culture T rails Why should I enroll?This is why!Bala went to multiplex,Bala went to mall,When it comes to weekends,Couple Discounts!Balas done it all.But wait, thats just crazy!Kids are free (5yrs to 10yrs)Thats all Bangalores got?No culture, no hobbies, no outdoors,No family bonding spot?Groups of 4 plus spl discountsTo all you folks who want to break free,And put some wind in your sails, Free Culture Trails Club (CTC) membershipTo spice up your weekends like never before,Welcome to Culture Trails! 4. Culture T rails What do I get?3 hours of sheer fun on Saturdays & Sundays, while learning a new skill (10AM to 1PM)Unique time to bond with family / colleagues / friends!The bigger the family, more fun the experience! (bring your partner, kid(s), in-laws, parents!)You become a part of a community when you learn a skill (ex: CT photography club)If you like it, you can enroll for an intermediate, longer duration workshopAlternately, you can dabble with a completely new workshop (ex: Wine-making / Baking etc..)A souvenir from your fun-guru, a CT certificate & a group photo album 5. Culture T rails Who are my fun-gurus?Your Fun-guru: Roshan Sahi Roshan has professionally worked as a ceramicist for the last ten years creating murals and earthenware pottery. He has worked as a consultant Art teacher in different Schools of diverse social backgrounds.Pottery workshop He has been involved in an Arts Education programCome and get your hands dirty!! wedging across Karnataka training Government schooland kneading clay! teachers to think and teach in more creative ways.This weekend pottery workshop will train you Gardening is an important dimension in his work. to make earthen pots using the potterywheel. 6. Culture T rails Who are my fun-gurus?Your Fun-guru: Preeti Sunderajan Preeti gave her first maiden performance at the age of 7, which won her critical acclaim. She has given several noteworthy performances in India and abroad. She is a versatile artist who loves to explore other dance forms like kalari, contemporary dance andBody Talk - the fun movement folk theatre. She has worked with Shobana workshop jeyasingh dance company, UK which inspired her to start her own dance institute - Shiri.Body Talk is a movement workshop modulethat nurtures your creative spirit throughmovement games, dance, rhythm work, Preetis enterpreneurial quality was recognised andmusic stimulation, voice and improvisation. she was selected for the Woman Enterpreneur management course conducted by the prestigiousCome along with your child or partner or Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad).both, for this fun Body Talk workshop. 7. Culture T rails Who are my fun-gurus?Your Fun-guru: Satish HSatish is a renowned photographer and has beenhonoured with: ARPS - Associate of Royal Photographic Society ofLondon. EFIAP - Excellence in photography from FederationInternational of Art Photographic, from Luxembourg. MFIAP - Master of photography - Federation Internationalof Art Photographic, from LuxembourgPhotography workshop FICS - fellow of image colleague society of California.He is the first Indian to be honored with EFIAP andIf you love to play with light and colour andMFIAP in Nature color prints - one of the highestown a simple camera, this is your chance tohonors in the photography world. rendezvous with Satish on a fun weekend photography workshop! Click away with Satish on weekends...Portraits, nature,He has been invited as a judge in many national monuments et al.and International salons. He has in his possessionabout18,000 pictures on all subjects in Color slides Satish specializes in conducting Nature andand over 20,000 in Digital Wildlife photography Workshops for enthusiasts. 8. Culture T rails Who are my fun-gurus?Your Fun-guru: Padmini Govind Tharangini was established as a centre for Block Printing and Textile Arts in 1977. Set in a heritage estate alongside Sankey tank in Sadashivnagar, the serene natural surroundings inspire creativity! The studio is home to the finest artisans with over three decades of experience in the skilled art ofFun Block-printing workshop block-printing. All fabrics are processed with eco- friendly dyes and natural ingredients. Come to learn block-printing silk cushion covers that you can take home this The Studios versatile artisans are adept with tie- weekend! Padmini Govind and her team at dye, shibori, batik and similar handwork techniques "Tharangini" will help you explore your that combine to produce a unique range of designer hidden talents and add some fun to an fabrics. otherwise ordinary weekend! Tharanginis clientele include designer stores in the India, US, UK, Italy, Japan and Australia. 9. Why Culture T rails - ?Culture has always been an important factor in shaping identity.Culture is essentially the sociocultural system or society & includes dimensions of aesthetics,values etc.A feeling of belonging / Cultural identity is an essential part of an individuals sense of well-beingCulture Trails (A unique learning holiday company), intends to keep the culture of the city alive in innovativeways through fun weekend workshops, while providing quality bonding time with friends / family /colleagues.Culture Trails encourages people to experience the local culture (art, performance, food and fashion)in a hands-on, authentic manner through fun workshops and learning. 10. Thank You