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  • 1. The Importance of Audience Making a short film makes it extremely important to grasp who you need to aim your short film at. If you do not do this, it will not be a success.It makes it even harder when you're creating a genre that is not portrayed in the mainstream cinema (albeit a few experimental recent films - Sin City), and also when it is a genre that enjoyed it's greatest success about 70 years ago.

2. Film Noir Audience This is somebody who is likely to watch a film noir today. A true film lover, and possibly a film geek. Disillusioned at the way the film industry has gone, he seeks pleasure in more independent films. And he doesnt even need a date. This is how I imagine a 1940s Film Noir audience to seem. They are a young couple in (probably his) car on the way to the cinema. She is excited at the prospect of watching Humphrey Bogart and he at the sight of a great action film. (And some women in dresses) 3. Film Noir Audience Film Noir is a genre however, that can encompass a variety of audiences. There is a large audience dissatisfied with the current mainstream film industry, and so a variety of nostalgia for old styles of films and a longing for more experimental and independent genres comes into play. 4. The Disillusioned Filmgoer We live in an age of film dominated by big money blockbusters. Film companies, mainly in America, spend lots of money to hire the best and most famous actors to star in high budget films, safe in the knowledge that the box office, dvd sales and merchandise will give them a good return. Often, these big blockbusters carry safe storylines. The Romantic Comedy genre highlights this they often have similar, predictable storylines. This is not always the case though. Highly acclaimed films continue to be produced every year. 5. The Disillusioned Filmgoer Disillusion with the film industry is a large feeling amongst film goers.It has been highlighted that not enough money goes to smaller independent films that maybe push the boundaries of audience, genre and narrative more so than big blockbusters.Many produce short films (due to less expenditure) to carry these themes into independent films 6. Independent Film Industry However, the independent film industry still has a strong fan base.The franchise cinema Picture House is an example of a cinema with a focus on independent films an audience to a film like mine, that pushes the boundaries of genre, is likely to prefer this cinema to Odeon or Vue. 7. Independent Film Industry Venues such as galleries and museums also regularly show cinema and film that is not to the conventions of HollywoodThese places often have competitions to encourage local filmmakers to produce short films, and can win screenings of them at these venues.An example is the Phoenix Centre in Exeter. It is a gallery and cultural centre that showcases independent cinema 8. Exeter Phoenix The Phoenix website shows the films it is showing at the momentThey are showing a black and white film, (not film noir) that shows films like mine have a chance of being shown. 9. What Im Getting At I feel that my typical audience member is likely to be somebody who, in their disillusionment with the mainstream film industry feels more at ease with the small, but popular independent film industry, that exists in the back streets and tucked away corners of urban life.My audience member could be male or female though due to the style of my film (action and male gaze actress) it could be seen to be aimed more at men.The age range is variable. It is more likely to appeal to people 17 and over, and the age range may stop at around 40. I feel that the most typical age range is 18-25.Audience is likely to be educated, and may well have a degree. They are also likely to be film buffs. A likely job may be a freelance journalist or critic. 10. Reaching The Audience To have the film seen by this audience, there are a number of steps I can take.As well as independent cinemas, my audience will also be watching films on small independent film websites.I can upload to these websites, write in forums about my film, and can even enter competitions to get my film to my ideal audience. 11. Film Noir Buffs There is another ideal audience. That is the audience exclusively to the genre itself film noir lovers.Despite the genre being much smaller than it once was, there is a large online community of film noir fans, geeks and filmmakers.They enjoy aged film noirs as well as modern and amateur made ones.I have used websites and forums as sources in earlier research. 12. Back Alley Noir is a place for film noir fans to discuss films, filming techniques and often their love for Hollywood actresses of the time. 13. The Film Noir Foundation is a useful information site (with forums) all about film noir mainly about older films. 14. The Fans of FILM NOIR facebook page has over 1000 likes.People have discussed film noir on here, and there are other pages like it. 15. Many people love film noir and still enjoy it as much as people would have in the 1940s and 1950s.There is a small, though existing demographic here, and it would be possible for an amateur filmmaker to tap in to it.