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  • 1. The genre of our film is film noir thriller thatspecifically looks at crime, detective fiction. It usesshadowing, silhouettes and black & white toning tocreate a airy and mysterious atmosphere. Film Noir isalso based on the 1950s time period and because of thismost character roles are played by male actors, howeverwe have decided to subvert roles usually played by malesto be played by women to make our film unique to othersin this genre.

2. Marilyn Winters is a lady of leisure who relies onher wealthy husband for cash, her life is full ofconstant white lies, but what she soon unravelsshows that she is not the only one keepingsecrets, her husband is having a sexual affair withthe 16year old maid Nancy. The lie is too much forMarilyn to handle and she approaches her husbandwith a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabs Jack inorder to receive his millions. It is then down to hireddetective Rose Brown and his trusty partner tosolve the crime and bring the murderer to justice.But what they both dont realise is that themurderer is closer to the crime than they think andthat this could not be the only murder in the village. 3. Marilyn (24)Is a lady of a leisure who lives purely off her husbands wealthand fortune. She is very insecure on her looks deep down , butcomes across as extremely confident and arrogant to everyoneelse. This is why she is so untrusting of her husband . Behindclosed doors she has a few secrets of her own but feels tellingthem would lead to serious consequences. She never regrets heractions just blames them on her alter ego.Detective Rose Brown (22)Been a successful detective for 6 years and decided to follow inher mothers footsteps by working privately. Her childhoodconsisted of several boarding schools and grammar foundations,where she was top of the class in all subjects. She suffersamnesia which can sometimes affect her pace of work, but shecan always rely on her partner for support in getting the caseclosed. 4. Detectives partner (20)Only been in the business for two years but hasexperienced some of the most severe and extreme casesknown to man. His father was murdered at an earlyage which is why he uses his job as a way of gettingrevenge on other murderers. He takes his job veryseriously, ensuring that his work comes first at alltimes. He hopes in the near future he will be able to bea full-time detective himself and not be shadowing insomeone elses footsteps. 5. Sophie Sangha Plays; Policeman and films costume designer Thomas Johnson Director, Editor and Camera ManKirsty RicePlays; MarilynAssistant Editor 6. The target audience for our film is 18-24 year olds.We feel this is the appropriate age range as the filmshows explicit scenes of violence and bad language.Also our questionnaire findings prove that this agecategory prefer to be thrilled and kept on the edge oftheir seat when watching a film which film noirparticularly does best. We have decided to targetour film at both male and females because of it beingsuch an unknown genre to most people it would bebest to widen the audience and have it becomepopular again. 7. Below is the posters we created to show our targetaudiences interests and hobbies. 8. The USP for our film is that it follows the genre of film noir,which has recently vanished from our UK cinema screens,mainly because it follows a 1950s culture which has nowbecome dated and highly feminist. However we feel that bymodernising our film and giving equal character roles toboth male and females and using modern technology that willenhance picture, we will be able to create a interesting pieceof film noir that will encourage young people to get into thegenre and watch future films that are similar. 9. We feel it is necessary to advertise our film in as manyways as possible to make it accessible for people to noticeour film and be intrigued to want to go and see it. 10. We feel that to gain the largeaudiences we need, Paramountpictures would be the best companyto distribute our film as they are awell known institute that havereleased big name films such as;shooter, super 8 and winner ofacademy award for best picture,Forest Gump. Paramount is alsoknown as the longest running filmstudios in Hollywood and isconsistently ranked as the top-grossing movie studios, which is whyit would be perfect for getting ourfilm noticed to such a variedaudience worldwide.