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  • 1. ??? F u n Q u i z z e sf o r K i d s ???

2. In the book Free Baseball did what was thefirst number he dialed after the poundsign?B. 5C. 6D. 9E. 3 3. If you answered C you got it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. Who is Homer?B. CatC. DogD. PotatoE. Human being 5. If you answered B you got it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6. What country did Felixs dad live in ?B. ItalyC. RomaniaD. GreeceE. Cuba 7. If you answered D you got it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8. What Dog can play ball?B. HomerC. FredD. OreoE. Gizmo 9. If you answered A you got it correct !!!!!!!!!!! 10. Whose ad was going to be in the ledger ?B. FelixC. VicD. DonE. Santi 11. If you picked B you got it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12. THE TEST IS OVER Check to see what grade you made-1 score 80-2 score 60-3 score 40-4 score 20-5 score 0