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  • 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
    Evaluation Question 3
    Eleanor Huggan

2. Establishing the target audience.
Target Audience: 15-24 years
Secondary Audience: 25-34 years
Gender: Suitable for both males and females, although predominantly aimed at the female gender.
Class: Middle-to-higher working class (C1)
My film represents a contemporary life genre that will attract a wider audience as they will be able to relate to the characters and the situation.
3. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
Using Abraham Maslows theory of basic human needs, I have determined which need my short film will accomplish. The Bridge breaches the need for safety and security by placing the body in an unsecure and potentially dangerous situation. The incident then becomes more dramatic for a person to witness as it plays with their comfort levels and manipulates their sense of security.
4. My Questionnaire
My questionnaire posed to the audience on their film preferences was given to twenty people to complete for use in my research.
The questions referred to matters of:
Weekly TV viewing habits
Weekly film viewing habits
Recently watched film
6) Attraction elements of films
7) Favourite genre
8) Least favourite genre
9) Attraction to favourite genre
10) Gender perception in film
11) Same age character effect
12) Interest in real-life programmes
13) Preferred ending types
14) Building suspense/tension features
15) Viewing preferences
16) Inappropriate contemporary life events
17) Kidnapping/sexual assault issues
18) Certificate preference
5. Questionnaire Findings
I made the questions included in the questionnaire as specific to the genre of film I intended to make as I possibly could. This way I was able to gain an insight into specific wants and needs of my target audience on my intended product idea.
The results show that the sample I chose to answer my questionnaire were equal numbers of male and female participants to gather good quality answers.
These results show that the sample of people who I included in my questionnaire response were of similar ages to my target audience. This way I was able to gather responses significant to my target audience to be used in my research and production for my short film.
6. The pie chart shows that my target audience would prefer for the victim in my short film to be female and the villain to be male. This helped me to determine my characters for The Bridge based on the needs of my TA.
This pie chart shows that my target audience would prefer the characters in my short film to be of around the same age as them. This helped me to determine Louises age in the film which in effect worked to help her character seem more vulnerable.
The pie chart shows that my target audience were interested in watching programmes that tackled real life situations. This therefore, reassured me that my short film would be popular among my TA and that my idea was good enough to commence production with.
7. Findings from Audience Research
15/20 of my questionnaire participants said that they would not find anything inappropriate to contain in a contemporary life film. This was important to note as I would not want to include any material in my short film that would offended or insult my target audience. Of those who would find some material inappropriate, they commented that as long as help/advice is offered at the end of the programme, then they would not have a problem viewing it. This is an element that needs to be considered within my own short film as it tackles sensitive topics that may offend some audiences.
14/20 of my questionnaire participants claimed that they were willing to watch a short film based on the kidnapping/sexual assault of a young girl. The shows me that my short film would be appropriate for my target audience, although precautions would need to be taken as to how much of the incident was shown.
Overall, my questionnaire helped me to understand and re-evaluate some of the elements of my initial idea for my short film in order to make it appropriate for my target audience. My results showed that my target audience will be able to relate to my short film and that it will be a success amongst that age group.
8. Methods of Gathering Data
9. Forms of Data
10. Feedback Questionnaire
I devised a questionnaire for my sample target audience to complete once they had viewed the final version of my short film along with the subsidiary articles.
A questionnaire would provide me with both quantitative and qualitative data using both open and closed ended questions that will help to benefit the overall general response to my media coursework.
11. 12. Questionnaire Results
The sample for the feedback questionnaire, just like my research questionnaire consists of equal numbers of males and females to account for difference in opinions between gender.
Of the 20 participants in the sample, 17 were accountable as part of my intended target audience for my short film. I included some participants of an older age to gain extra insight into the film from a more mature perspective.
13. Questionnaire Results
75% of my sample said that they were encouraged to watch my short film once they had viewed the film poster. of my sample were still not so convinced.
19/20 of my sample said that they were willing to watch my short film once they had read the film review that I created for my ancillary text. This tells me that my film review was extremely effective in promoting my short film.
14. Questionnaire Results
90% of my sample said that they enjoyed watch The Bridge once the viewing was over. This suggests that my short film was very successful in its purpose. However, for the 10% that didnt enjoy it, when asked to elaborate on their response in a group discussion claimed that they found the storyline too disturbing.
You made the scenes feel really spooky by making them longer than the average scene.
What did you like about my short film?
It was smart of you to leave out all the gory bits and just leave it to the imagination of the audience.
The music really emphasised the drama.
The confusion that is created soon after the kidnapping makes the film really intense.
The storyline was really believable, it was horrifying!
15. Questionnaire Results
The beginning of the film seems to progress very quickly and I was unsure of what was going on.
What did you not like about my short film?
Parts of the editing were slightly scruffy, possible slight technical error?
Some of the scenes were a bit slow in pace.
The driving scene was a little too long for my liking.
16/20 participants in my sample said that they found my short film fit the typical conventions of a horror/thriller contemporary film, whilst 4/20 disagreed. When ask to elaborate on their answer and say with convention they found most prominent, the majority said that the use of eerie music helped to intensify the story.
16. Questionnaire Results
What would you change about my short film if you had the opportunity?
I would shorten the length of the driving scene and have more attention focused on the driver rather than where we were driving to.
I would increase the amount of props used in the interview room to make it seem more like a police station environment.
I would eliminate all evidence of scruffy editing and tidy up the transitions.
I would make the title scene longer.
I would include more characters to evolve the story and get more people involved in the situation.
I would make the scene in the garage more action-packed and really work to emphasise the horror of the rape scene.
17. Questionnaire Results
18. Reflection of Feedback
From my audience feedback, I have concluded that:
My short film overall gained a respectable amount of positive feedback from my target audience who, for the most part stated they found the film a joy to watch.
My film review had more of a promotional impact on the target audience than my film poster as it encourages a higher percentage of my sample to want to see the film. This suggests that people are more easily persuaded to experience a new film idea when presented with an expert opinion. However, together as a promotional package, my ancillary texts seem to work to positive effect.
From the criticisms I did receive about my coursework, I was able to gather a number of things that I would change about my short film to improve it and make it more adaptable and enjoyable for my target audience.
I must take into consideration that although the feedback from my short film and ancillary texts was predominantly positive, the sample that I used to view my film and answer my questionnaire were of a similar age group. In this sense, the feedback that I received cannot be generalised to all age groups as opinions may vary with age.
19. Reflection of Feedback
From my audience feedback, I have concluded that:
As some questions in my Feedback Questionnaire rose some confusion and I found myself having to elaborate on some questions in order to gain decent information, I would create a pilot questionnaire to test the success of the questions and then create a final questionnaire upon the success of the questions in the pilot drive.
I would gain extra and a more accurate representation of my target audience response if I were to ask a larger sample of people. If I were to do the questionnaire again, I would increase the nu