Automatic agro meterologic station botswana college of agriculture gaborone, botswana

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1. Sutron Corporation | 22400 Davis Drive | Sterling, VA 20164 | 703.406.2800 | | February 5, 2015 Automatic Agro-Meterologic Station Botswana College of Agriculture Gaborone, Botswana Overview In 2011 Sutron provided and installed an Agrometeorological Monitoring Station at the Botswana College of Agriculture in Gaborone, Botswana. This station is one of the first automated agromet stations in the country. The installed system is designed to provide researchers at the College of Agriculture accurate, real-time on-demand weather information which can be used for many agricultural applications, including crop yield and disease forecasting. The system is configured to measure relevant parameters used in the Agricultural applications, including the calculation of Evapotranspiration. Data is then made available to the user via Sutrons Webhosting Website, SutronWIN. Here, the user is able to view data in table and graph format and download data in excel form. The user is also able to setup seasonal alarms for individual parameters. These alarms can be sent to the user via SMS or email. CLIENT Botswana College of Agriculture PROJECT LOCATION Gaborone, Botswana PROJECT PURPOSE Provide users with accurate weather data for Agricultural purposes on demand and in real-time. AWARD & COMPLETION DATES Awarded: 2011 Completed: 2011 EQUIPMENT & SERVICES XLite 9210 Datalogger GPRS Modem Combined Air Temperature & Relative Humidity sensor Prop & Vane Wind Speed & Direction Sensor Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Sutron Accurate Barometric Pressure Sensor Pyranometer Evaporation Pan & Gauge Leaf Wetness Sensor Soil Temperature Sensor at 2 depths Soil Moisture Sensor SutronWIN Website Site survey Installation Training TELEMETRY GPRS via MASCOM MEASURED PARAMETERS Precipitation Air Temperature Relative Humidity Dew Point Barometric Pressure Wind speed & direction Solar radiation Sunshine hours Soil moisture Soil temperature Leaf wetness Evaporation ET The Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Christian De Graff, Inspects the College's New Station 2. Sutron Corporation Automatic Agro-Meterologic Station 2 Sutron Corporation | 22400 Davis Drive | Sterling, VA 20164 | 703.406.2800 | | February 5, 2015 Results & Benefits By installing Sutrons AgroMet Station, the user was able to reliably collect very accurate agricultural weather data, where it is used in research programs. By having the data posted on the Sutron designed website, the user can easily and securely log onto the website to analyze the data. Furthermore, the user easily downloads data in excel form for further analysis and to generate reports. Sutron Agro-Met Station