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  • Genes are the basic functional unit of heredity, transferred from parent organism to its offspring. Genes carry the blueprint of lifecodified in the double helical structures called DNA. Genes define the characteristics, structure, growth and behaviour of the organism to a large extent. Long limbs, Blue eyes, Red flowers, Blue wings, broad leaves, muscular body, high IQ etc for example might be greatly impacted by GENES.Nature perfects Genes over millions of years. How can it be wise to play with them? Would this not upset the delicate balance of nature1

    What are Genes?


  • 1. Genes, their structure and functioning are extremely complex. 2. Our know-how on the primary and secondary reactions that might be caused due to the genetic modifications is very limited. 3. The mere act of modification can trigger imperceptible, unforeseen, unrecognized and possibly detrimental changes.

    Imprecise Insertion = Imprecise ChangesSuperWeedLets see what this does.What if I create a monster?.Up to now, living organisms have evolved very slowly and new forms have had plenty of time to settle in. Now whole proteins will be transposed overnight into whole new associations with consequences no one can foretell either for the host organism of the neighbours. This direction may be unwise and potentially dangerous. Potentially it could breed new animal and plant diseases, new sources of cancer, novel epidemics - Dr George Wald, Nobel Laureate in Medicine 1967, Higgins Professor of Biology, Harvard University.2Why is Genetic Engineering Risky?

  • 3What are GMOs?

  • Combining unrelated organisms together forcefully seems Very unnatural and unethical! Genes of one organisms are cut, spliced and forced into genes of another related or unrelated organism in a laboratory to create an unnatural and new organism or crop called Genetically Modified Organism.

    Whats the need for such a dangerous, irreversible and irrevocable technology?4What are GMOs?

  • Most GMOs have Pesticide or herbicide tolerant genes inserted in laboratories. Pesticides, herbicides and GMOs are similarly dangerous and hazardous. Safer, ecological and affordable systems of pesticide and weeds management like NPM and multi cropping are available..

    5 GM food is created by inserting genes from organisms like Bacteria, Scorpions

    Spiders etc. into a food crop, to make it poisonous to a specific pest for example. Imprecise techniques such as Gene Gun, Bacterial & Viral Carriers are

    employed to infect /modify the genetic make-up of the target crop.GM Technology is Negative!

  • I can scrub & wash the vegetables to remove some of the residue of the pesticides BUT how do I scrub the pesticide in the Genes?Earlier They said, Pesticides are safe.Now They are saying GMOs are safe. How can I trust them?6

    If the pest eating GM Crop dies on eating it once, what would happen to me if I eat it regularly?GM Technology is Negative!

  • Process of creating GMOs is Risky1.Experimental conditions are controlled where as environment cant becontrolled. The experiment cannot tell what the role and behavior of donor DNA will be once it's in the host cell may be very different from the experimental environment (Steinbrecher).7

  • Gene Insertion triggers unknown cellular and acellular activities2.The insertion of a foreign gene might trigger new cellular activities or interrupt current ones. For example, The immune system serves to prevent invasion by harmful foreign genes, viruses, and other substances, so that particular species is able to maintain its characteristic traits and normal metabolism (Rubenstein). Genetic engineering, may, in turn, disrupt and weaken the immune systems by introducing foreign substances into organisms that they won't be able to fight. No one really knows the overall effect of this (Levine).3.Foreign genes trigger new cellular activities in the form of resistance etc.The vectors used in the genetic engineering process are often resistant to many drugs such as antibiotics. Injecting a drug-resisting vector into a new organism will result in a drug-resistant host organism. The resistance may not necessarily be only to drugs, as is the case with frost-resistant plants. Since genetic engineering is irreversible, this method allows these altered organisms to become widespread in nature (Steinbrecher). 8

  • GM Crops destroy the bio-diversity9

  • Bio-diversity DestroyedCreating such organisms disturbs the evolutionary process of natural selection, or survival of the fittest. Putting such a desirable gene into an organism may give them an edge over another. This whole idea of meddling with nature raises a question of religion and ethics (Rubenstein)10

  • Lies about the Safety Tests Done by Bio-tech companies * Only insufficient short term feeding tests conducted on mice. * Can one trust the safety tests and claims of the company developing the GMOs and selling the patented seeds at huge profits? Especially when companies like Monsanto have a long history of unethical practices. * The changes in GMOs on storage, refrigeration, cooking etc. have not been studied sufficiently.)

    11GM Crops are Safe A Lie!

  • The above image lists some of the hitherto unheard of diseases. Its interesting that they all coincide with the introduction of GM Crops into the international food systems

    Numerous independent studies and scientific reports have shown that GMOs are extremely unsafe. VISIT Http:// for a compilation of these reports)

    12GM Crops are Safe A Lie!

    Long term studies of impacts on human health, environment and other organisms not conducted by the developers.

  • Monsantos patented Chemical Glyphosate is sprayed copiously on the fields of Monsantos Herbicide Tolerant GM Crops (also called RR or Round Up Ready), thus poisoning the whole plant and its surroundings. Most of worlds Soya & Corn is becoming RR rapidly . GM Crops Use Less Pesticides A LieWeeds & Pests have multiplied The large-scale use of GM crops and herbicide Glyphosate has resulted in massive natural selection pressures that has lead to unmanageable Super-Weeds and Super-Pests.Horseweed-one of over 20 weeds now resistant to the main herbicides used with GM crops, has become a nightmare for American farmers.13In America: Pesticide Glyphosate usage has increased from 5 million to more than 50 million pounds per year in Herbicide Tolerant GM crops

  • GMOs and Diseases14

  • GM Food is very risky. - Study by French ScientistGM Crops linked toDiabetes, Alzheimer's, Cohns Disease, Autism etc.Similar to the US, India is fast becoming a country of allergies and diseases with the introduction of GM Crops and imports of processed foods containing GM Crops 15

  • Evidence: GM Crops are dangerous to lab animalsDr. Oraby, Egyptian scientists a diet containingGMsoy and maize fed to rats for 30, 60 and 90 days caused a wide range of toxic effects, including DNA damage, abnormal sperm, blood changes, and damage to liver, kidney and testes.European Scientist, Dr. Krugers experiment on pregnant piglet ( fed Glyphosate range 0.25 -1.13 ppm) showed various abnormalities, including ear & leg atrophy, spinal and cranial deformations & hole in the skull. One piglet had only a single large eye . Piglets without a trunk, with an elephant tongue, and a female piglet with testes etc. were seen.16

  • Evidence: GM Crops damage human health10In 2002, two years after the first big harvests of RR soy (GM) in Argentina, serious health effects including high rates of birth defects as well as infertility, stillbirths, miscarriages, and cancers reported Source:Fr. Peters Environmental NotesGM Food is Not Served in Monsanto Factory Cafeteria, because even Monsantos workers refuse to eat it ! 17

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  • Most Processed Foods use Round up Ready Soya and Corn or their derivatives. Herbicide Glyphosate required for RR crops has been linked with dangerous health and environmental hazards.


    19Most imported oils, chips, cookies, cake mixes, drinks, chocolates, Soya Milk etc. contain GMOs, yet the Indian government allows these to be sold. You are paying premium price to buy these hazardous, unlabeled imports .Ask Your Local Grocer/Super Market To Stop Selling These. Ask GOI To BAN Them

  • GM Food is very risky. - Study by French ScientistGE is good for humanity A LieAll Scientific Research is not Altruistic and humanitarian; nor is much of the medical/pharmaceutical business. Bio-tech industry is owned by powerful men seeking profits from their investments in research labs. Scientists against GM technology are known to loose jobs or not receiving their funding/fellowships and promotions.Fortis doctors recommending carcinogenic GM Canola Oil in advertisements and collecting donations for cancer research is an example of unethical practices by such mercenary organisations.

    20GM Crops created by the Bio-tech industry are the number one cause behind deteriorating health of the people on this planet. The same industry then creates patented medicines to manage the diseases they have caused, perpetuated and even created in its laboratories.

  • GM Grains, GM Fruits, GM Vegetables, GM Fish And Now GM Mosquitoes. Where will this Stop? 21

    GM Animals are here too. Could Not Make Me Sterile..HE HEIs it that universities are churning out too many bio-tec