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Planned for July 2014, PATT is organising a climb for approximately 15 people to the Uhuru summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in order to showcase the effects of climate change on our natural wonders.


  • 1. Climb for change

2. UK Registered Charity and Thai Foundation Established in 2005 What do we do? Take action against global climate change Plant trees in areas that have been destroyed Help local communities Environmental Education What is PATT? 3. Roof of Africa crowned with ice Since 1912, 82% of ice cap has been lost All ice on the mountain may disappear by 2020 Example of how global climate change influences the planet Raising money for our Environmental Education Portal Why Kilimanjaro? 4. Who will join us? At this point we have 6 amazing people climbing: Sh. Khalid Al Qasimi Dr. Andrew Steel (PATT Founder) Dr. Ian Redmond Dr. Ian Singleton Naaz Noor Abbie Barnes 5. Itinerary 28th July 5th August Following Rongai Route ARRIVAL: 28th July Day 1: (Rongai Camp) - 29th Day 2: Rongai Second Cave - 30th Day 3: Rongai Kikelelwa Cave - 31st Day 4: Rongai Mawenzi Turn - 1st Aug Day 5: Mawenzi Turn to Kibo - 2nd Aug Day 6: Kibo Hut to Summit to Horrombo Hut - 3rd Aug Day 7: Horrombo - 4th Aug DEPARTURE: 5th August 6. Lets act before all ice disappears!