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  1. 1. Taken Too Soon is a non-profit 501c 3 organizationfounded in 2011 whose purpose is to provide financialassistance to families whose children have been taken toosoon.We are proud to say that we donate 100% of our proceedstowards financially assisting grieving families.Our tax ID#: 27-3113082
  2. 2. The financial burden of providing a proper resting placefor a child should be the last thing on a grievingfamilys mind, but we understand that this can add tothe emotional grief and financial burden of a childsdeath.Our assistance brings comfort during the time of griefand we can help families bury their child without thefinancial stress.We personally know the heartbreak and devastationparents, family and friends go through especiallywhen it comes to the expensive costs of burying theirchild. Which is why we help pay for those costs.
  3. 3. Arizona child death rate for 2011: A total of 837 children younger than 18 years of agedied in Arizona 509 of those deaths were to children less than one yearin age The largest percentage of deaths was among infantsyounger than 28 days (40 percent)**To learn more about the Arizona childdeath rates, please click on the followinglink: Arizona Child Fatality Annual Report
  4. 4. Grieving families have the additional shock of learning howexpensive their childs funeral or burial will cost. Here is a listof Arizona funeral and burial costs:*To learn more about Arizona funeral costs, clickon the following article: Thinking ahead can saveon costs related to death
  5. 5. Taken Too Soon was co-founded by Stephanie French and Dale Imbriani in2011. Stephanie lost her newborn son several years ago and was shocked notonly because of his sudden death, but also from learning how expensive hersons funeral and burial would cost.Stephanie wondered how many other grieving parents cant afford to bury theirdeceased children. Stephanie wanted to help parents, so that grieving parentswho have lost children understand that they cant bring back their childrenbut they should be able to at least honor them.**Click here to read Stephanie's heartbreaking story.
  6. 6. It is so unnatural to lose a child. Our children are supposed to outlive us theirparents. When my newborn son Elijah died several years ago after living for onlyeight hours, I felt lost. You see, I eagerly anticipated his birth but he came early.He struggled to breathe while I struggled watching him as we cradled and rockedfor eight agonizing hours.Instead of picking out baby pajamas with little tugboats stitched on the front, Ifound myself picking out flowers and a casket. I found myself searching for afuneral home when I should have been putting his crib together.Stephanie French Co-founder of Taken Too Soon
  7. 7. Dales blogs: The Newtown massacre was more than anational tragedyPlanning for a childs burial is never easy, especially after a high profile tragedysuch as the Newtown massacre.The families of those youngchildren were blessed in a way tohave local and national support ofour country. Toys, cards and moneypoured into Newtown, all to helplessen the burden on those grievingfamilies. When really, there wasntany way to take away the pain andheartache of those 20 deaths.Sometimes, the heartache takes an eternity togo away and sometimes that heartache isworsened by the fact that burying children is achallenge both emotionally and physically.Click here to read more.
  8. 8. Taken Too Soon Goes for a Walk with Sharing DownSyndrome ArizonaDown syndrome is a condition where a baby isborn with an extra chromosome. Normally, ababy is born with 46 chromosomes. Babies bornwith Down syndrome have an extra copy of oneof these chromosomes. This extra copy changesthe bodys and brains normal development andcauses mental and physical problems for thebaby these facts are supplied by the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention.About half the children born with Down syndromemay die early (according to the U.S. National Library of Health National Institutes of Health).Click here to read more.
  9. 9. A Toddler Washes AwayYou may think that a toddlersfuneral and burial might not bethat expensive, but it is. As amatter of fact it costs just asmuch as an adults funeral andburial. A toddlers funeral cancost $5,000 and up (according to theFederal Trade Commission), whichmany parents are not financiallyprepared for.Parents dont usuallyfinancially plan for theirtoddlers funeral its notlike a college fund whereparents are hoping to give itto their toddler when itsolder. No, a toddlers funeraland burial account isunexpected, unplanned andunfortunately a devastatingfinancial shock.Click here to read more.
  10. 10. Once a Mother Always a MotherStephanies familycontributed to paying forElijahs funeral and burialcosts, but she couldnt stopthinking about all thoseother families who want tobury their children. Shelearned that when familiesdont have the money to payfor their childs tombstone,there wont be any cemeterymarker (tombstone orheadstone) on the ground.Theres just plain grass ordirt where a child is buried.This idea gnawed atStephanie enough forher to start Taken TooSoon to financiallyassist grieving families,to help them bury theirchildren. She wanted tohelp pay for theirfunerals, plots and gravemarkers. Shes tired ofvisiting Elijahs plot andseeing all of these emptygrass plots knowingthat children are buriedthere.Click here to read more.
  11. 11. How Much Money Can You PossiblyRaise by Washing Cars?Its sad to hear or read aboutthese deaths, but its evensadder to learn that thesefamilies dont have enoughmoney to bury their ownchild. Oh, dont get me wrong,I think car washes or anykind of fundraiser is great.But really, how much moneycan a car wash really raise?Click here to read more.
  12. 12. Can You Imagine Your Toddler Dying and FinanciallyStruggling to Pay for the Funeral?Click here to read more.
  13. 13. Phoenix Suns Charities Supports Taken Too SoonClick here to read more.
  14. 14. Local charities with similar missions:Click here to learn more.Click here to learn more.Click here to learn more.
  15. 15. You can find our ads in the monthly Arizona GolfCentral Magazine.Click here to read more.
  16. 16. QuotesI never want to turn a grieving family away.
  17. 17. Childrens cemetery
  18. 18. Taken Too Soon611 North GoldenKey StreetGilbert, Arizona85223