Facts About Head Lice And How To Treat Them

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  1. 1. Facts About Head Lice And How To Treat Them Parents, guardians and caretakers everywhere know all too well of the concerns that are synonymous with head lice. Check out this reference guide to learn everything you need to know about head lice!
  2. 2. The Basics The singular term of lice is louse and they have a typical lifecycle of one month. The egg of a louse is called a nit and nits take approximately one week to hatch. Nits can hatch other places besides the head: hairbrush, hat, bed sheet, etc. Nits can be a few different colors: lighter in light hair and darker in dark hair
  3. 3. After Hatching Once a nit hatches, it is called a nymph. Once the nymph emerges, its' clear shell can still be attached to the hair shaft. Nits adhere to the hair firmly by lice-produced glue, making them difficult to remove.
  4. 4. Maturity Nymphs experience three louse molts in its life cycle, shedding its hard growing shell. A nymph can reach reproducing maturity in 7 to 10 days Mature female lice can lay 3 to 10 eggs per day
  5. 5. Appearance & Shape
  6. 6. Infestation Lice will only lay eggs in head hair and finding eggs in eyebrows and eyelashes is possible but rare. Pubic and body lice are different than head lice and require different treatment. Lice can only survive 48 hours without a host and do not spawn off the head unless they are transferring to another host. Lice prefer clean hair, free of hair styling products because they can easily navigate without difficulties and lay their eggs.
  7. 7. Itching Signs Lice will bite every few hours to eat which means they are feeding on blood. A lice infestation can make the individual constantly itch their heads from their feeding time. Not only do they cause itching side effects but they can also irritate the skin.
  8. 8. Treatment Natural head lice treatment is the safe and effective way to rid a lice infestation, free of toxins and chemicals that can irritate the scalp. With everything your family needs, everyone will be lice- free in no time!
  9. 9. Family Kit Happyheads offers a comprehensive Bye-Bye Lice treatment family kit that includes: o Treatment Shampoo o Conditioner with combing solution o Nontoxic protective shielding spray and roll-on oil o High quality metal nit comb o Four plastic caps and detail instructions