How to Plan Your Dental Trip to Romania

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How to Plan Your Dental Trip in RomaniaA presentation brought to you by RomanianDentalTourism.com1</p> <p>1</p> <p>2Dental Travel to RomaniaDental travel abroad is an increasingly popular practice among foreign patients.</p> <p>People choose to come to Romania because of the excellent price-quality ratio and the expertise of our dentists.</p> <p>Bucharest's Arc de Triomphe</p> <p>3How to Start Planning Your Dental Trip to RomaniaYou should start planning your dental trip to Romania by thinking of it as a vacation rather than a mandatory medical visit.</p> <p>Our dentists can plan a schedule according to your needs and you can make pre-established holiday plans to truly enjoy your dental trip to Romania.</p> <p>Corvin Castle, Hunedoara</p> <p>4Talk to Your Dentist in RomaniaThe most important part of planning your dental trip is to talk to your dentist in Romania.</p> <p>He will help you understand the necessary steps for your dental procedure and how long your vacation will need to be.</p> <p>The Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest</p> <p>5Know the Approximate Schedule for Your Dental Treatments in RomaniaSome procedures, likedental implants, require more steps and a recovery period is needed in between these procedures.</p> <p>Other popular treatments, like teeth whitening will be much faster and you will be able to enjoy the remaining free time.</p> <p>Sighisoara</p> <p>6Plan Your BudgetOur dentists in Romania can help you plan ahead the costs for your dental treatment. You can send us an inquiry, together with a dental x-ray and our dentists in Bucharest will give you an approximate cost.</p> <p>Romania has low costs for accommodation, transportation and entertainment compared to other West-European countries and you will be able to plan various activities.</p> <p>Peles Castle</p> <p>7Plan Your ItineraryOnce you know the length of the dental treatment and how long you will be in Romania you can start to plan your itinerary.</p> <p>Romania is a beautiful country that offers plenty of options for nature lovers and city dwellers alike.</p> <p>Sibiu</p> <p>8When to Visit RomaniaRomania is a great destination all year round. During the summer the weather can be hot but it is just perfect to plan a visit to the Black Sea and its many beach resorts.</p> <p>If you visit Romania during the winter you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in one of the many mountain resorts like Sinaia, Poiana Brasov and others.</p> <p>Bucegi Mountains in the winter</p> <p>9Enjoy the Sights in BucharestIf you dont have enough time to visit the country you can explore the sights in Bucharest.</p> <p>The city is known for having the second largest administrative building in the world, the Palace of Parliament. Parks and museums are a good option. Visitors can enjoy themselves in the Old Town or relax at Therme Bucharest.</p> <p>The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest</p> <p>Explore other Cities in RomaniaDental patients who can spend more time in Romania can plan a city-break.</p> <p>Brasov is easily accessible from Bucharest and from here tourists are close to the very famous Bran Castle.</p> <p>Sibiu or Sighisoara are also tourist attractions, being two of the most beautiful medieval cities in Romania.10</p> <p>Brasov</p> <p>11Final Tip: Enjoy Your Trip to Romania!</p> <p>You can spend just a few days and nights in vibrant Bucharest or choose to relax, unwind and marvel at the beauty of nature in a mountain resort.</p> <p>Whatever you plan for your dental trip to Romania you should also remember to enjoy yourself.</p> <p>Transfagarasan Road</p> <p>12Thank You for Your Attention!For more information please contact us at:</p> <p>+40723687476or+40723500027office@romaniandentaltourism.com </p>