Infographic: How ICD-10 Transition will benefit Your Practice

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1. g lCD-1D: : Transitionwit! YOUR PRACTICE 2. ' o o o o o - .o o o .o - .o o o c o o o o .o o o .o - .. - o c o o o o .o .onICD-10 will provide clinical documentation enabling physicians to better capturepatient visit,details which will lead to better care coordination and health outcomes. .Q D C Q Q D C Q O D O Q Q D $ Q Q D C Q D D D Q Q D O Q Q D O Q D D C Q D D D Q Q DC 3. Reasons to Prepare for 4. CLINICALBetter documentation.collection 8. evaluation of data. Improved public health reporting. Helps track & evaluate risk of adverse public health events. improved design of protocols & clinical pathways. 5. OPERATIONALEnhanced denition of patient conditions.Targeted capital investment to meet practice needs. Support practice transition to risk sharing models with precise data for patients 6. PROFESSIONALPrevention & detection of healthcare fraud & abuse.Clear obiective data for credentialing 8. privileges.More specic 8. objective data is captured. Specific data to support physician advocacy of health 8. public health policy provided. 7. FINANCIALBetter documentation of patient complexity level of care supporting reimbursement. Objective data for peer comparison & utilization benchmarkingReduce audit risk by encouraging use of diagnosis codes with greater degree of specicity. 8. While the transition to ICD-I0 will require is temporary;ultimately better data creation will pave way for enhanced patientcare and safety. 6?? .*3. . .: ,Fl, _I? _.I_ 1| ieiaailiiiggirm!9): )ii2;iAf!9ini: n'4itilei$1-it: ('-: f:u: .iu" fa; _9i. -.L~fa; -3-. ~:. ivisgnii-; gt42i


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