Shane Murdoch - GM, Cholmondeley Children's Centre - Speaking at Seismics and the City 2015

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Cholmondeley Childrens Centre

Incorporated SocietyOpened in 1925 as Cholmondeley Memorial Childrens Home25,500 + children to dateCurrently operating 16 bedsShort term planned and emergency respite careAged between 3-12 yearsRange 2 days to 4 weeksAverage stay 3-5 days

In home with minimal supportOut of system or back home with minimal supportPrevention/DiversionFamily SupportFamily PreservationFoster CareTreatment Foster CareResidential CareLinear Model of Child and Family Services (Adapted). (Stuck et al, 2000)Post Earthquake

In 2014347 children from 320 families1000 admissions in total162 children attending for the first timeSince 201041% increase on total amount of children74% increase in new children30% increase in total admissionsReferralsPrior to earthquakes:Direct70%Third party30%

Now 50/50

AnecdotallyA new layer of distress on community placing increasing strain on families who were coping fine before the earthquakesUsual support systems have been disrupted through either supports moving or are coping with an equal level of distress and are less availableThe ChildrenSignificantly higher levels of anxiety with or without externalised behaviourHigher levels of transience including school movesTo the foreHousing

Family violence

Parental mental healthThank


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