Grow Your Career With WordPress CMS

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  1. 1. Grow Your Career With Word Pressrs C
  2. 2. Table of ContentsI.Introduction 2. Tips to Become a WordPress Pro 3. Possible WordPress Career Paths4. Using WordPress to Showcase Your WorkO0U'| -BU. )5. Helpful Resources to Follow6. Final Thoughts 10
  3. 3. IntroductionFueling more than 22% of all sites on the web and still developing,WordPress presents a noteworthy wellspring of different professional opportunities. The WordPress CMS solution provides a wide variety of career tracks,ranging from bloggers and freelance developers to CEO's.Moreover,nowadays this CMS offers an entire scope of nontechnical occupation choices,pulling in experts from different elds and backgrounds.No matter whether WordPress have unexpectedly affected your career path or you are determined to become a WP professional there is a set of things you have to know,if you want to successfully work with this platform. So,let us begin with a few recommendations on how to master the WordPress CMS in question. o 4.: -;, __, Over a million people around the globe have mentioned WordPress in their profiles on Linkedln. c[n,2 crns www. cms2cms. com
  4. 4. Tips to Become a WordPress ProBecause WordPress is so simple at rst glance,most newbies don't even suspect about the true complexity and extensive functionality of this CMS. There are numerous facets of WordPress,and it's not necessary to dig into every one of them. The required skill set depends on the chosen work direction,however regardless of the way you are going to interact with the platform,it is recommended to know how it functions.This includes possessing the following basic skills: Installing the CMS Building a basic site Adding content Using/ customizing themes Managing pluginsWork on SEO The very rst place you can turn to for directions on how to perform the abovementioned activities is the WordPress Codex.There you will be able to nd the answers to all most commonly asked questions,so it is highly recommended to get familiar with the resource. Visit this page and get a Full version of e-book for Freehtt s: //www. cms2cms. com/row our-career-with-word ressl cn|| s wvvw. cms2cms. com
  5. 5. Possible WordPress Career PathsNow that we have covered the general advice on how to become proficient in WordPress,lets look at a few possible career paths associated with the platform.Some of the examples of how you can get involved with WordPress include:development,design,blogging,support,teaching,etc. Developing with WordPressBeing a developer is a classic opportunity in regards to any CMS,and the one always in demand.When it comes to WordPress developers in particular there is a certain level of confusion as to who /, A can possess the title and what are the skills this type of professional should have.Let us start with the qualications.The most critical ones are: Web application development with a combination of:HTML,CSS and SASS,PHP,MySQL,Javascrlpt,jQueryAn ability to work with WordPress API Knowing how to use Ajax in WordPress Theme and plugin development Debugging in WordPressAs for the employment options,they are numerous ranging from huge corporations to small businesses and even educational institutions.However,it is important to be aware of the fact that in most cases developing in WordPress is only a part of the required skill set. crns. crns www. cms2cms. com