Grow Your Career with WordPress

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Grow Your Career with WordPress

Who am I?Tareq HasanFounder & Lead Developer


WP User Frontend

WP Project Manager



27% of the webpowered by WordPress

CMS Marketshare

It was founded byMatt MullenwegMike Litttle

It all started with a blog post

The Comment

Born in 2003

Its beautiful &easy to use

NASAWe use WordPress as a flexible platform - Its a CMS that we adapt to a whole bunch of needs

It Scales Million Database TablesA Single Codebase



Use WordPressThis is obvious, right?

Make it Familiar


Play with it

Install ThemesInstall PluginsTest themBreak themCreate something new

Find what you are good at

Start a blogDo you like to Write?Find a nicheWrite reviews, journeys, your lifeMake it yours

Be a Support NinjaDo you like to Help?People need help, help themResonate with their needsBe a superhero

Be a QA EngineerDo you like to Test?Test plugins, themesFind usability issues and bugsHelp developers to solve them

Be a Internet MarketerDo you like Business?Be good with numbers, analyse themFind what converts, what doesntOptimise it, grow the business

Be a DesignerAre you an Artist?Design beautiful user interfacesLearn User Experience (UX)Make users fall in love

Be a DeveloperAre you a Logician?Learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScriptCreate themes and pluginsTake it to the next level

DeveloperDesignerSupportIn a NutshellContent WritingQAInternet Marketing

Take one, be good at itPeople doesnt like mediocres

Your thinking capacity is the limit